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Nothing Compares to the Thrill of Winning by Domenic Contrino

Nothing Compares to the Thrill of Winning by Domenic Contrino


Raffles are one of the most underrated fundraising techniques. Organizations such as non-profits, youth sports, and church groups can benefit greatly from a raffle by offering great prizes, employing innovative sale techniques and most importantly, have highly motivated volunteers getting the tickets in the hands of buyers. One or two of these won’t result in a successful raffle fundraiser. With these three factors working in unison, you can take any raffle to the next level and raise a ton of money.

Nothing compares to the thrill of winning. Especially when what’s on the line, is something that really catches your attention. No one wants to spend their own money on raffle tickets when the top prize is a coupon book to a couple fast food restaurants or a free movie ticket. Ways to grab people’s attention for a raffle is to offer them only something you can offer. For example, a youth sports team could offer sideline seats for one of their next games, or a signed jersey from all the players. A church group could offer dinner with the parish members in the church hall.  Not only is the top prize important however; by offering multiple, less expensive prizes such as hats, shirts and tickets to sporting events can lure more buyers as well. Many people can be dissuaded when they see one grand prize and no other prizes. A good top prize followed by simple little other prizes increases the chance of winning and the chance of the thrill. The same team that offers a signed jersey as the grand prize could offer ticket packages for the second or third prize and single game tickets for the next 10 entries. This way more people would get interested and buy more tickets.

Innovative sales techniques are as important as the prizes themselves. Innovative techniques does not include, buy 4 get 1 free. This, while being effective in some cases, can be vastly improved. Offering a game could be a good way to sell tickets. Such as if you buy a raffle ticket, you get to play a simple card game, choosing if the next card is red or black. If chosen correctly, you win a free ticket. This way at worst, you give a free ticket, but could get the customer to buy multiple tickets for the chance to win a couple free one. Or if for a football team, buy a ticket and get the chance to throw a ball in a tire for a free ticket. Everybody loves free things, but these tickets aren’t free, they have to buy a ticket for the chance for a free ticket. This could be a very effective way to boost ticket sales. And revenue for your fundraiser.

Good prizes and great offers for free tickets don’t mean anything if there is a silent, unmotivated volunteer offering them to you. A highly motivated volunteer could get raffle tickets into more hands just with their attitude. If someone sees that who they are buying a raffle ticket from is an energetic person with a big smile and cheerful attitude, they will be more inclined to support the organization and buy a raffle ticket. An easy way to get more motivated sellers would be to offer a prize to the top seller of tickets. Another way would be to mark each ticket with the seller’s initials and if their ticket is picked as a winner, they also get a prize. Playing music behind your raffle ticket booth would not only attract buyers it would also keep the sellers more interested and not be bored. One killer of raffles is not many people buying and the volunteers get bored, lazy and unmotivated. Without highly motivated people offering the raffle tickets, your amazing prizes, great offers and ultimately your fundraising goal will never be seen.

Raffles are probably one of the most effective ways to fundraise. It offers the thrill of winning and great prizes to someone and all they have to do spend a couple bucks and hope their name gets picked. Unique prizes that only your organization can offer, innovative sales techniques and highly motivated volunteers are the keys to a successful raffle fundraiser. With all those in play your raffle is almost guaranteed to make some serious money.  

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Contributed by Domenic Contrino

September 17, 2015