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Non Profits Who Hold Successful Raffles Benefit In Many Ways by Mike Jennings

Non Profits Who Hold Successful Raffles Benefit In Many Ways by Mike Jennings


Non-profits who hold successful raffles benefit in many ways:

1.  They raise money to reach a goal.

2.  They raise awareness of their non-profit's participation in the community.

3.  They make partnerships with local community organizations and businesses! 

Most local businesses will gladly donate prizes to be used in a raffle because they get free PR, they can write off the donation, and when the non-profit aligns with the businesses' financial goals, it can save the business money, i.e. helping a local church raise money to feed the homeless can actually decrease the health-related expenses for ER visits because people who are eating healthy will spend less time in the ER as a result of health complications due to chronic hunger. 

This is a good reason for local hospitals/urgent care facilities to donate towards the non-profit's fundraiser.  They key is to find businesses that will benefit from a successful fundraiser.  Maximize exposure for the business; press releases, t-shirts, buttons, logo on tickets and programs, and any signage that is present at the fundraiser the day of it's conclusion, and also consider including discount coupons or gift cards that drive people into the businesses.

Once you have secured local businesses to sponsor prizes, it's time to sell tickets.  The two easiest ways to sell tickets is to:

1.  Partner with a local community college's fraternity/sorority members.

2.  Use social media.

The reason to partner with a local community college is that most fraternities and sororities will do fundraising as part of their chapter's goals each semester.  Here you have some of the up and coming young minds of your community and if you can get them behind your cause, you have an endless source of fresh ideas and energy to drive your fundraising.  A very easy way to get them onboard is to create a competition between fraternities or sororities.  Whichever group sells the most raffle tickets will earn a 60" TV for their house, or new furniture for the living area.  Of course, because the non-profit is partnering with local businesses, getting a local business to donate this TV or furniture, especially when they know it will put their name in front of students who will be in a position to buy their products soon, should not prove difficult. 

The students will come up with the ideas for selling the tickets without much input from you, other than to make sure their method of salesmanship aligns with your non-profit's mission statement.

The reason social media becomes important is that one idea can spread to 10's of thousands of potential ticket buyers in a few hours!  Using Facebook as the example, a simple contest of "like this status and be entered into a drawing to win 'this' " can bring valuable added "likes" to a non-profit's Facebook page.  Placing a way to buy a ticket on the Facebook page, via credit card, will increase ticket sales.  Asking people who have liked your page to share it with their friends is another easy way to promote an event, where tickets will be sold. 

Using these two strategies will increase any non-profit's raffle ticket sales, and cost the non-profit nothing other than a few phone calls and someone to pay attention to the Facebook page.

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Contributed by Mike Jennings

November 4, 2015