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Non Profits Raise Funds With an Efficient Raffle by Mawal Sidi

Non Profits Raise Funds With an Efficient Raffle by Mawal Sidi


For many non-profits it’s important to have funds on hand to achieve all their goals. Non-profit organizations such as churches, civic groups, and youth sports organizations may need to raise money to help those they serve. They can raise funds in multiple ways, but one of the most cost efficient ways is through raffling. They can make the most money from raffle fundraisers if they have prizes donated and purchase raffle tickets from an affordable company such as A to Z Discount Printing. The goal of fundraising is to earn as much money as possible for a cause, which non-profits can achieve by holding raffle fundraisers. To maximize revenue it’s important that organizations try to get as many prizes donated, have a well-advertised campaign and have an incentive for their volunteers to sell.

 Non-profit organizations can maximize the sales of their raffle tickets by being open about what the fundraiser is for and by having a variety of prizes. Making it clear to donors the goal of the fundraiser can help organizations gain their trust, while also making them more willing to participate. For prizes it’s important to have a variety, while also making sure it doesn’t cost the organization much. Having a variety of prizes is important so non-profits can attract all types of people. The organization can raffle off prizes that are big and small. For small prizes ask businesses to donate gift certificates or items. For big prizes it’s important to utilize connections and to gather prizes such as electronics or even trips. The trips do not have to be to an exotic island. They can be to a nearby landmark or another city within the state. Utilizing connections and asking businesses to donate prizes can help minimize cost, while also attracting different types of participants.

Besides having different kinds of prizes a successful raffle fundraiser needs to be well advertised. Utilizing social media to advertise is free, and if done right word can spread fast. Non-profit organizations can utilize Facebook to invite and notify people of the fundraiser. They can also use YouTube to create a video discussing the event, where people can purchase the raffle tickets and the goal of the fundraiser. They can also have the community and businesses involved by asking them to share the video on Tumblr and Facebook. Lastly, they can create a hashtag for the event and ask people to share a picture of themselves buying a ticket and using the hashtag on Twitter or Instagram. Using different social media platforms can help spread word of the event quickly and create a hype around it, ultimately, attracting people.

 No raffle fundraiser can be successful if the non-profit organizations do not have dedicated volunteers willing to sell, sell, sell. To encourage and motivate volunteers the organization must have an incentive. According to psychologist B.F Skinner, positive incentives can help motivate people. A great incentive would be to have a quota, and the volunteers that meet the quota can participate in volunteers only raffle for prizes such as gift certificates or even electronics. It’s important to encourage volunteers to sell as much as they can because no matter what kind of prizes you have or how much you campaign, it’s useless if the organizations does not have dedicated volunteers.

Many non-profits can benefit from holding raffle fundraisers only if they have a clear strategy that tackles advertisement, prizes and how to encourage volunteers to sell. Using raffles to raise funds can be a cost efficient and hassle free if done right.

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Contributed by Mawal Sidi