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Non Profits Benefit Greatly From Raffles by Toby Mayhew

Non Profits Benefit Greatly From Raffles by Toby Mayhew


Non-profit organizations can benefit greatly from having a raffle. Exposure is the main and most important thing, it means many possibilities for the organization. First, is bringing in more revenue from the exposure with the town or even the state knowing of the organizations existence. Second, the exposure could even lead to investors hearing of the raffle then deciding to have a bigger contest. 


First, the more revenue brought into the non-profit organization can help pay for new materials or items. The more revenue that is thrown into the pot, can increase the spending budget to benefit further fundraisers or other events. Along with media coverage brings attention of the fundraiser to people who watch TV but also the internet. social media would also guarantee rapid success to the non-profit organization’s fundraiser. 


Second, investors are a bigger help for the organization since they put in revenue then make the organization expand. After receiving investors and expanding, more fundraisers can be obtained and put around the whole state and could eventually if money is used right around the globe. This is what any fundraising organization would want, exposure to bring in more revenue for themselves or what they are trying to fund.


Third, once the money is earned what can be derived is items such as for a church it would be a cross or some musical equipment for the choir. Along with not only material items can be brought but also it could help a family in need.  The money could also purchase a change in the world if that was a goal for the organization, repairing homes, getting medicine to places where it is hard to acquire.


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Contributed by Toby Mayhew