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Non Profit Organizations Exist to Better the Community by George Marshall

 Non-Profit Organizations Exist to Better the Community by George Marshall


Non-profit organizations ideally exist to better the community. I see this everyday with the church I attend. They are constantly having canned good drives and for this winter they have started a hat and coat drive. The campus ministry part of the church has also helped me grow spiritually and keep me reminded of the love god haves for me and others around me. The church group does much for the community including helping people in need when they are in a tough position whether it be financially or emotionally. The attendance numbers have also been growing, this is further proof of the impact the church is having on the community.

The church impacts the community with events they host. Most of it is for the profit of the church itself including bills. I believe the idea of selling raffle tickets for prizes during some of these events, would not only benefit the individual who gets prizes, but also the church as a whole. This is because the church functions as the body of Christ; it prospers its best when there is a strong sense of cohesion amongst its members. I am sure that there are always companies and even sometimes manufacturers whom are willing to donate the organizations such as a church which is behind a good cause. It is convenient for companies to donate to non-profit organizations since these donations are tax deductible. I believe places such as best buy, shoe outlets, and other retail stores such as wal-mart may also be willing to donate for a cause. Events such as the monster mash which took place in October, which gathered several of the sister neighboring churches from Missouri and Oklahoma, are a good opportunity to sell raffle tickets to raise money for different causes. There are a number of other events the church hosts that could be good opportunities to sell raffle tickets in. As far as motivating individuals to sell raffle tickets, besides the satisfaction of knowing a good deed was done, there could also be a reward system for high sellers of raffle tickets. Rewards for sellers could include gift cards to wal-mart or home depot that would also be expected to be donated. Certain privileges may also be used as a form of reward. For example in our church the campus ministry cleans up the church on the weekends. The guys and girls alternate weekends. A way to encourage sales is by turning the ticket sales into a friendly competition. This could be done by alleviating the campus ministry section that sells more tickets from church cleaning for a month.  

This could also be a promotional opportunity for companies. For example, if there is a nice good quality blender given as a donation, then a person who would win that prize would be very satisfied with it and would let others know about it. This would encourage people to buy the higher quality and priced blender instead of the lower priced alternative options. Overall I believe that if the detailed instructions mentioned in this essay are followed, the raffle ticket fundraising tactic could work flawlessly under the right leadership.  


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Contributed by George Marshall