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Non Profit Fundraising Tips and Ideas by Paige Bradish

Non-Profit Fundraising Tips and Ideas by Paige Bradish


People like you and I are a part of so many everyday organizations like churches, youth sports organizations, libraries, and food pantries. Without these many of us would be devastated and have nothing to do with our time.

The people apart of these organizations are extremely important to keep happy for quite a few reasons. Any donations that these places see come from the investors that have family members in these groups for example.

Parents that have children apart of town sports teams will a good percent of the time be the ones giving donations to keep the program on its feet. People that use the many resources a library has to offer are also the ones that are donating money or books things like that.

Since these types of groups mean a lot to many people, holding fundraisers like bake sales, yard sales, library book sales, town fairs, volunteer car washes, etc would be excessively profitable. The families of the community members are usually happy to donate whatever they could to help these organizations, whether it is money or little things like snacks and water since it benefits their loved ones and they could still attend and do what they love to do.

These social groups are very popular usually so posting signs about special events or even just word of mouth can make events like those listed above very popular. Posters might be easier for some because people are more likely to look at posters than to listen when people are rambling on at them. But there are also the people who are close to the organization, and are always willing to listen.

On the posters there should be advertisements for any major activities that would be at these events for instance, a pie eating contest, or a scavenger hunt for a cash prize. Depending on the organization though, there should always be something for the adults to do and something for children to do. Reason being, if parents are coming they are most likely going to be dragging along their kids with them.

Volunteers are the most important thing when it comes to events for social groups, things like that. Sometimes it can be tough to get volunteers for these kinds of events but there are always ways to motivate them.

Some might say bribing is wrong especially since it is for a non-profit organization. But this is not really bribing them. These people are putting in time and effort into something that they don’t even need to be doing this but they are because they want to so why shouldn’t they get a prize?

Holding a contest for just volunteers, or even giving every volunteer a thank you prize for helping out is a good way to get many people to help out. Or maybe even give them an alterative, like whoever sells the most gets a prize. A free membership to the group, or cash, etc. They would definitely feel appreciated and be more inclined to help.

Overall the community where these organizations are based and the people apart of them are what makes or breaks how they run.


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Contributed by Paige Bradish