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Meghan Cuma

There are many ways to maximize profits through school sanctioned fundraiser for example Bingo Night. In something like Bingo Night people are excited and eager to win all the prizes sitting at that front table. This is the best time to gain funds for the school through a raffle with fun tickets courtesy of A-Z Printing. Imagine this: a bright eyed 10 year old standing at the door named Lola with her mom waiting to get into the school. There’s a giant poster at the door saying “WANT TO WIN THE BIGGEST PRIZE OF THE NIGHT?” with a picture of raffle tickets at the bottom. Lola asks the volunteer at the desk what the poster means. She tells her that they’ll make a big announcement about it once she gets inside. Lola then goes inside with her mom and runs around whispering to all her friends about what exactly this prize is.

                The entire school and their families are sitting at tables all over the cafeteria staring at all the prizes in the front with hopeful eyes. Suddenly the principle taps the microphone and explains the rules of Bingo Night and various prizes you could win. Lola raises her hand and asks “what’s the biggest prize?” The principle smiles and starts the explanation.

                We are doing a fundraiser for the Parent Teacher Association and this is how it works.  On the back table there are colorful, fun raffle tickets selling for 5 dollars apiece and you can buy as many as you want. At the end of the night we’re going to put all the tickets in a bowl and whoever we pick gets half the profits from the total money earned from the raffle.

                Lola perks up and tugs on her mom’s arm who gives her 20 dollars to buy 3 tickets for her and her brothers and mom. She grabs the money and runs to the back of the room where there’s a huge line of kids eager to win. Lola gets to the front of the line and stares at the brightly colored tickets and starts memorizing hers…2478923….2478923…2478923. Bingo Night starts and there are 5 prizes at the front for every game. After every game the principle announces how much money is made so far and every time more and more people get tickets.  People start buying 2, 3 tickets just for themselves. Kids buy them for the prize but most parents buy it to support the PTA.

                Finally the last game ends and the giant bowl stuffed with tickets are brought to the principle in the front. People grab their tickets and start closing their eyes hoping and wishing for that money. Lola stares at her ticket, her adrenaline starts pumping as they read aloud the first numbers. 247! Lola lets out a tiny sigh while others put their tickets down and listen to who will be the lucky one. 892! Many more put their tickets down while only a select few sit on the edge of their seats, our beloved Lola being one of them. Then the last number gets called…2! A loud scream comes from Lola’s Table, she turns and sees her mom jumping out of her seat screaming in excitement and holding that winning ticket. Lola is in shock while her mom runs up to the principle that double checks her ticket and announces the winner. Lola’s mother gets handed 500 dollars.

                This seems like a lot of money and it is. But considering that 1000 printed tickets are only $44.95 at A-Z Printing the school can buy a substantial about of tickets for such a low price maximizing their profits. The Parent Teacher Association also made 500 dollars that night solely on the raffle! At other Bingo Nights (monthly) seeing that Lola’s mother won all that money other families will want to buy more and more tickets increasing the popularity of the raffle and profit for the PTA. This is much simpler and fun than other fundraisers such as car washes and bake sales which can be expensive for the products to host these events without being sure if profit will be made. Raffle tickets at A-Z Printing are such a low price for the fun colors and patterns they provide making them irresistible for people to buy! So every month the families will come in and run to that back table to purchase those raffle tickets, they’ll clutch them tight and rub that rabbit’s foot but in the end, the PTA is the true winner.