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Lets Have a Raffle by Sandra Sparkman

Let's Have a Raffle! by Sandra Sparkman



Non-profit organizations, especially those such as church groups, can greatly benefit from the use of a raffle fundraiser. Just yesterday the apartment building I live in held a raffle to raise money for charity, and it was wonderful! People love to donate things they do not wish to have in their homes anymore, and people who have donated all year long provide money for even bigger prizes at the end of the raffle (or however it is that an organization decides to provide the raffle prizes), and people will come and pay a small amount of money for the chance to win big.

The idea for a single individual to pay a five dollar fee to gain the possibility of winning several prizes is great, because there will be many single individuals who want to do this, and money will be raised quickly and efficiently. Prizes like gift cards and house hold items are often what people really want. For organizations for youth groups, toys that others do not want anymore, and even new toys are easy to find at a reasonable price and parents and kids alike will use a few dollars for the hopes of winning one of these fine items.

In order to maximize the sales of raffle tickets, it is best, in my opinion, to minimize the price of these tickets to under $10 per person, and maybe a discount for children under a certain again. The second way to maximize sales is to have prizes that people actually want—meaning that no one wants used underwear, and no one wants a blanket full of holes. Sell new items, slightly used items, and gift cards! Sell coupons or discounts or a free meal. A small business could offer discounts for items in their store to ensure customer retention!

Selling tickets can be difficult, but volunteers can be motivated in many ways. For many volunteers, resume building is key, but they would like some incentive otherwise—such as a volunteer t-shirt! These can be easily made and manufactured for very inexpensive prices.  Another way to gather volunteers is the promise of free food at the end of the event—pizza is cheap and most people will love that. A small business could easily offer a free item from the products they sell, or a discount on an item.

Raffle fundraisers are the future of money-making fundraisers, because everyone loves the chance to be a winner.

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Contributed by Sandra Sparkman