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Kyla Hoffman


            How can a Fundraising Raffle make an impact on a person’s life? This question may not be the easiest to answer, unless you have been in my shoes. I can truly say that being part of organizing a Raffle Event has made me a better person. The Relay for Life is an Event that has always been close to my heart, ever since I attended my first event at the age of 5.  My mom was the Fundraising Chair for Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society many years later and I was at her side for every meeting and every fundraising event we had.  he was able to conduct a lot of fundraisers to help bring in over $50,000 for our Relay for Life Event, but the one I will always remember was the “Big Relay Raffle”.  A t the Closing Ceremony of the all night event we raffled off Disney tickets, Sea World tickets, and Zoo passes.    I months happily selling raffle tickets to my friends, family and neighbors (at the time I was 13).   I sat at Vendor Events each month and sold tickets to people I didn’t know, I sold to teachers at my school, my mom walked door to door with me, I sold at my brother’s football games and I sold any where I found an opportunity.  I had so much fun and was so excited about telling everyone about the amazing prizes, but also explaining that the money was going to Relay for Life to help with cancer research and to help local cancer patients.   When I first started helping sell the tickets, I was just excited about the prizes (of course hoping I would win).  But after I started on my journey to sell more than anyone else (even though I wasn’t get a prize or recognition for this goal), I realized how much this was raising and how much help I was doing for such a n important cause.  With each ticket, we gave invitations to join our event and explained how Relay for Life truly makes a difference.    We also met cancer survivors and invited them to a dinner to celebrate their brave fight.  This particular raffle brought in about $6,000 and was an excellent opportunity to bring our community together and get others involved in Relay for life.   I remember thinking how excited i was to be able to have a chance at winning, but when names were being announced I realized I had already won by selling tickets and helping Relay for Life. This raffle fundraiser, was an important part of my life and will be something I will never forget.    Whenever I have a chance, I buy raffle tickets and I love to listen to the reason they are being sold and how my money will help better the community.   I always view it as a donation and if I am lucky I could possible win.  No longer does the prize mean the world to me, but the fact that I can help has b ecome a priority.