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Keep Your Eyes on the Raffle Prize by Felicia Kirkland

Keep Your Eyes on the Raffle Prize by Felicia Kirkland


One of the key components needed for hosting a successful raffle is offering a prize which attracts the attention of many people.

The prize is the most important part of the raffle because the concept of being able to win a prize is what makes people want to participate in the raffle. If there wasn’t a prize being offered, you would no longer be hosting a raffle. You would just be asking people to give donations to a cause. This may result in your organization not being able to raise as much money as it would have liked to have risen because most people don’t just give away money; they usually want something in return.

This brings us back to my earlier statement which was, that in order to have a successful raffle you should offer a prize that the people participating in the raffle would actually want. In my opinion, the best prize you could offer someone participating in a raffle would be a small portion of the money earned by the raffle, no more than ten percent of the earnings. I think this is the best prize because by offering those who are participating in the raffle money as a prize you are opening the raffle up to people from all walks of life.

If you were to offer a new bike, or a purse, or even a vacation as a prize you would be limiting the types of people who would be interested in entering the raffle because not everyone would like those types of prizes. Money, on the other hand, is a universal prize with which the winner would be free to do whatever they wanted with it. The lack of limitations of what the winner could do with the prize would attract not only a wider variety of people to take part in the raffle but also a larger number of people.

Offering money as a prize would also help to increase the number of raffle tickets being sold because if you offer the winner of the raffle a least ten percent of the raffle’s earnings those participating in the raffle will feel inclined to buy more tickets not only to increase their chances of winning but also to increase their possible winnings.

Another way to help increase the number of raffle tickets being sold would be to allow the people who are assisting with the raffle to participate in the raffle. This would help motivate them to sell more tickets because they too would have the chance to win the prize, which becomes even more valuable with the more tickets they sell.

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Contributed by Felicia Kirkland

December 17, 2015