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Katie Boley

As heads impulsively turn towards stores advertising raffle tickets, the involuntarily thoughts of buying several tickets begin to seep in. This action is not only based on the catchy advertisement, but the friendly volunteers shouting ticket sales, the glorious grand prize, and the thoughts of helping someone in need. With the contributing factors standing side by side, the raffle fundraiser becomes one of the most successful methods in donating money to others. Non-profit organizations increase the amount of profitable donations by holding a raffle fundraiser due to the overall encouragement of ticket sales.

Non-profit organizations must maximize the sales of their raffle tickets in order to have a profitable outcome. In order to do this, advertisement of the ticket fundraiser is key. Any advertisement will increase the sale of tickets, especially if promoted through people and media. Multiple community members should go around town to sports games, bars, and schools to speak about the non-profit organization and why the ticket raffle is essential. Another approach is for the non-profit organization to bring a famous character to speak in person, or on television, about the raffle fundraiser. Next, in this day and age, media is vital in getting the word out. Anything media: television, snapchat, instagram, twitter, youtube, would increase sales dramatically. Another strategy is for certain companies to donate discounts for their stores when people buy a specific number of raffle tickets. For example, if Sally bought ten raffle tickets, she would receive a Chipotle “fifty percent off next meal” coupon, donated by Chipotle. Along with this, the non-profit organization would give a small prize to people who bought a certain amount of raffle tickets. For example, if Sally bought twenty raffle tickets, she would receive a free t-shirt that has the non-profit organization’s logo on it. In conclusion, these are several successful methods to maximize the sales of raffle tickets during a raffle fundraiser.

Non-profit organizations must obtain prizes that would encourage and stimulate ticket sales. In order for this to happen, it is crucial for the the non-profit organization to have a variety of desirable prizes. There should be coupons, sample of products, free popular items, a hangout with a local celebrity, autographs, and more. Coupons would encourage adults to become involved in acquiring tickets because in their lives, coupons are financially helpful and can be used to support one’s family. Samples of products are able to boost sales because many community members are interested in products but do not want to spend a heaping amount of money on them, so the sample of their interested product allows them to aid the helpless, while testing their interests. Again, free popular items will stimulate sales because, well, the items are free. Everyone loves free items because it gives people a sense of success and joy. The next proposal is sure to lift purchases because of the relational availability. People are made to have relationships, so when a set-up hang out session is available, people swarm to the ticket booth, especially if the person that has volunteered to hang out with a stranger is popular in the community. To go off this proposal, autographs by celebrities can increase sales as well. Finally, the demand for tickets would increase if there would be “step-by-step” prizes. For example, every ten tickets Sally buys, she receives a coupon for a local pizza place, allowing the individual to be praised continuously.

Non-profit organizations must motivate volunteers to sell more tickets in order to have a profitable outcome. In correspondence with the buyers of tickets, the sellers of the tickets must also be motivated. Without the motivation of the volunteers, sales will not increase, but decrease. The non-profit organization wants to make it as easy as possible for the sellers to promote the tickets. Allow the volunteers to have free admission to sport games, bars, and public places (zoo), where they are able to sell tickets. Persuade the volunteers to sell tickets with the same method as buyers: if they sell a certain amount of tickets, they earn a prize. Likewise, provoke the volunteers in their merchandising efforts by reminding them that their volunteer work counts as service hours. This proposal is intelligent because young adults, the most tech-savvy people, are the ones who need service hours, meaning they will let the media know about the raffle fundraiser. This will undoubtedly motivate young adults to get involved. The non-profit organization should hand out free t-shirts to their volunteers to display gratitude and motivate the volunteers to sell tickets. Additionally, the non-profit organization should provide a lunch for the volunteers where both groups are able to connect relationally, allowing the volunteers to recognize the people they are raising money for and to simply be motivated by the desire to help others in need.

Non-profit organizations increase the amount of profitable donations by holding a raffle fundraiser due to the overall encouragement of ticket sales. The motivation of selling tickets, buying tickets, and receiving prizes, allows for a high number of tickets sold to a variety of people. Raffle fundraisers are a profitable method where people in need are able to obtain the help or encouragement they need.