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Jordyn Pulliam

Ten-thousand lives are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) each year, one of them being my father. The year of 2002 is a year that will forever be engrained in my memory. When I was six years old, I received the news that my father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I tried to wrap my mind around such an enormous problem. I remember asking, “Is my daddy going to die?” I believe I owe it to my father and others to be an advocate for M.S.  I intend not only to focus on the education of this disease, but on motivating the hearts of others.


It takes a great deal of dedication to make a difference, and I am dedicated to making that difference. Within three years, I have risen over $5,000 dollars for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS). In 2013, I was awarded Top Fundraiser of the Year for the NMSS. In 2014, I was selected as a Mission Mover- an exclusive group of 33 people who have risen over $97,000 nationwide. I achieved my accomplishments through various fundraising and awareness efforts.


Ways in which I have, and am currently, serving as an advocate include:


•                  Partnering with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) as team captain of Team Dirk Pulliam in the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 North West Arkansas MS Walk Event

•                  Hosted a “Hat Day” fundraiser at Greenwood High School in 2013

•                  Hosted a “Chocolate Sundae” fundraiser at Greenwood High School in 2014

•                  Annually designing and selling t-shirts for the annual National Multiple Sclerosis Wa•                  Creation of walkmspulliam.weebly.com website in order to communicate and promote to wider audiences

  •        Completed training to become a Community Health Relationship Representative 2016


Multiple Sclerosis is my passion; encouragement and dedication are the keys to achieving my goals.


Non-profit organization such as the National Multiple Sclerosis Society could benefit from hosting a raffle fundraiser. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society readily hosts an annual fundraising event, “Orange You Beautiful”.  Gifts that are raffled would be donated by local and regional businesses. Not only does this help benefit fundraising efforts for the non-profit organization, but it also endorses raffle ticket sales and advertising for businesses. A variety of prizes would appeal to a larger audience and lead to a successful raffle event. The entry fee to the event could be the purchase of a minimal number of raffle tickets. To maximize the sale of raffle tickets, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society could have speakers who are victims of M.S. speak at the event. In addition, they could show projections victims and how their donations would be utilized by the organization. When people feel connected to an event or experience, they are more likely to donate. Volunteers who sell the tickets could sell them individually or as a bundle at a discounted price. Selling as a bundle encourages buyers to buy more at a lower price. In order to keep the raffle ticket sellers motived, the organization could offer a prize to the volunteer who sells the most raffle tickets at the event.


I am so thankful for the priceless relationships and everlasting memories I have made through engaging in services with the NMSS. Not only will I continue to be involved with the NMSS, but inspire others to join me. By hosting a raffle event, the NMSS could utilize its resources to maximize research efforts and profits. Raffle events are an effective way to help spread awareness and encourage others to join the movement. The awareness of Multiple Sclerosis is the best medicine for all who suffer.