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Increase Your Customer Base With a Raffle by Christopher Green

Increase Your Customer Base With a Raffle by Christopher Green


Many companies spend much of their time attempting to increase and maximize their customer base.  The companies will try many things, such as door fliers, sales, and advertising.  These processes can be very time-consuming as well as expensive.  Commercials, business cards, and promotional materials cost a great deal of money.


One process that seems to work is executing a raffle drive.  A business that performs a raffle can greatly increase the population they reach as well as maintain their current customers.  A raffle can be easily held and promoted, without it being expensive.  It can be easily advertised using social media and this helps to be shared via word of mouth. 


When doing a raffle, the company will promote giving away something that is greatly desired by the company.  For example, a gaming company may promote a raffle, stating that a PlayStation 4 gaming system, along with 5 top rated games, will be given away to one lucky winner.  This is a popular game and the winner will love the company for the chance at this.  It shows that the company can be generous and participants will continue to follow this company for future giveaways.  Also having the requirement to be present to win, allows more exposure. 


During the raffle, it is important to share the opportunity as much as possible.  Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media program.  Instagram and YouTube will be great for showing everyone that the package is ready to be given out and can create more excitement.  Simply viewing something that could potentially be yours will make you excited and possibly lead you to paying for more raffle tickets.


It is important that during the raffle you continue to promote your business.  You will have more exposure during the raffle so letting people know about what your business is and has to offer during this time will be greatly beneficial.  It will maximize your chances of obtaining new customers.  They will learn of the existence of the business, the products and services you offer, as well as the personality of the company.  In other words, this is your time to shine!  Use the exposure to your advantage. 


The business can also network and collaborate with other companies.  The business can ask for sponsorships to give other prizes to second and third place winners.  You can work with other companies to be able to receive donations and build a rapport with the community.  This will help the business gain customers also from local surrounding companies.  This will help facilitate teamwork and can bring even more exposure down the line when those companies promote.  They may also refer others to the business if it is a service or product that they cannot provide. 


If you have a business and are not using raffles to promote and increase your customer base, you are doing yourself a disservice.  This helps your business grow, helps with networking opportunities, and also helps the community.  Be generous and give something away that will make a loyal customer proud to receive your services. 


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Contributed by Christopher Green

December 30, 2015