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Incentives Can Propel Raffle Ticket Sales by Ashley Hines

Incentives Can Propel Raffle Ticket Sales by Ashley Hines


Our church has a raffle every year to raise money for our missionaries’ wives for Christmas. We do a great job and raise a lot of money but I feel like a few things would really propel our raffle above and beyond. Of course having many items that appeal to a wide variety of people is very important. We try to get as many prizes donated as possible to maximize our raffle profits. One example is raffling off chances to dress the preacher or youth pastor for a Sunday. That goes over really well and brings a lot of attention to the raffle. We are also in the basketball capital of the world and find that if we get good seats to a UK basketball game to raffle off it brings a huge crowd. Also having a prize of a front door parking spot for the year is an attention getter as well especially thinking about the cold snowy or rainy days. Having prizes that are attractive to a variety of people is very important in a successful raffle.


Having a healthy competition is always good to help raise more money in a raffle. For example, at church we could do a competition between Sunday school classrooms with a prize for whoever sold the most raffle tickets. Making a big chart and posting the progress each week on how many tickets each classroom has sold and announcing the front runners at the beginning of the service each week would pull in additional sales because we all know everyone wants to be announced as the leader in sales. A man vs. woman competition I think would prove to be very successful as well with the loser cooking the winning team dinner. We have had great success with a competition such as that.


Another way to incentivize volunteers to sell more is to get testimonials from the people that the fundraising will benefit. In the example of my church we have video testimonials as well as letters from the wives that we send the fundraising efforts to at Christmas time. I think this always hits home with all of us because we see how appreciative they are and how much it helps their family. It helps us see that a few extra dollars from us could mean the world to another family. Anyone that has a heart will feel led to give just a little more once hearing those stories. We always use the example, if everyone cut out just one cup of Starbucks or McDonalds hamburger and instead bought raffle tickets how much money would be donated to those in need. Could you give up one cup of coffee or hamburger to help someone else? I think so!


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Contributed by Ashley Hines

December 15, 2015