How to Increase Raffle Ticket Sales by Nicole Dennis

Everyone loves a good raffle, especially when the prize appeals to all audiences. This is often a difficult task to achieve especially when your audience varies from children in elementary school to adults. Church groups and youth sports organizations are two of many popular categories that are always doing raffles for fundraisers. I think that if the person who was thinking of buying a raffle ticket were informed of where the proceeds would go they might be more motivated to buy a raffle ticket and encourage others to do so as well.

When someone invests their money in something especially something that they don’t have to have or necessarily need some feel comforted knowing it is going towards a good cause. When trying to have someone buy a raffle ticket make sure you are enthused about what you are selling and describe where the proceeds will be going but keep it brief. If someone inquires more information, give him or her a little bit more to reel them in. One should not pester a person to buy a ticket if they decline the offer they should move on to the next person.

In order to sell raffle tickets one needs to have someone there to promote and sell them. Most people don’t want to help sell the raffle tickets because it might not fit into their daily schedule and/or to time consuming. To motivate more people to help sell raffle tickets maybe the person in charge of the raffles could throw in mini prizes for the time that the volunteers spent helping to sell the tickets. The person in charge could also say that a certain amount of the proceeds of raffle tickets will benefit them whether it is related to their child that may be on the sports team the tickets are being sold for or maybe it is beneficial for the church that might be trying to build a new education wing for the children.

If one is trying to sell more raffle tickets they might want to look into the location they are selling the tickets at. They might want to try busy strip malls or big shopping malls and maybe even the supermarket. One could also try the most unlikely places go to door to door in a small quaint town for the people who may not get out much. Another way to maximize sales of raffle tickets is to maybe try and get younger people involved and spreading the word and maybe passing out flyers. The flyers should be bright or stand out in a way to get one to read it and put the thought into their head.

To maximize the sales of raffles tickets one might want to pick a decent time to start and make sure they have time to spread the word and to have a deadline. Spread the word about a raffle using all of these social media sites we have now a days. Put it on Facebook or Twitter or even Instagram. Spread the word; let everyone know of your cause and who the proceeds will benefit and stay positive no matter the outcome!

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