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How To Ensure Maximum Raffle Ticket Sales by Luis Valenzuela


How To Ensure Maximum Raffle Ticket Sales by Luis Valenzuela


Non-profit organizations most commonly use raffle tickets to fundraise and assist their cause. The best way to fully benefit from a raffle and maximize revenue, is to include the price, the prize, and finally, to have the motivation to sell all of your designated tickets.

One of the biggest reasons why people ignore buying raffle tickets is because of the uninviting price of the ticket itself. To ensure maximum selling of the tickets one must choose a reasonable, affordable price, while taking into consideration the value of the prize. At times like these people are usually more inclined to buy the cheapest item available, so when planning the raffle, it is better to make a high number of raffle tickets and sell them at a cheaper price rather than making a limited amount of tickets and a more expensive price.

We are all naturally attracted to things we can’t afford. Therefore the prize of the raffle needs to be appealing to almost everyone. With a desirable prize, the general public will be more attracted to buying tickets in hopes of winning the prize. It needs to be kept in mind that the people that buy raffle tickets mostly do it for the prize; only few do it to actually benefit your cause. With a boring prize you will only sell to those few people that only want to help the organization, without caring if there is a reward-that approach will attract a substantially less amount of potential raffle ticket buyers.

The most important aspect of any raffle is the motivation of each individual or organization to sell all of the tickets. Every single person involved must give it everything they have and guarantee the selling of all of their tickets. If this part of the equation is missing, then everything else previously mentioned will not matter. The tickets need to be sold in order to come up with the desired result and maximize your revenue. To assist in the selling process, flyers can be made, as well as any type of advertisement to promote the raffle and get as many people interested as possible.

To ensure a successful raffle you must take into consideration the price, prize and motivation, if all of these are perfected, a successful raffle will take place. 

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Contributed by Luis Valenzuela