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How Fundraising Can Help a Non Profit Organization by Amanda Easterling

How Fundraising Can Help a Non Profit Organization by Amanda Easterling


Fundraisers, auctions, and carnivals are all some fun creative ideas to help out a non-profit organization. The first thing that would be required for an event for a non- profit organization, would be written permission. Permission to ensure that it is ok to move forward with this idea, and to make sure the time, space, and money are available to put the event on. Whoever you are planning on hosting the fundraiser or other event with, you might want to get their rules for budgeting and advertising. To make an event spectacular and fulfilling, you must have a lot of attendants. There is a lot of completion out there competing for people’s spare time, so you have to make sure that there is something that will be worthwhile, and great, so they feel they won’t want to miss out on your event. No event is ever free. You will have rental costs for the venue, sound system charges, food and drinks, parking, tables and chairs, and much more!

If you are looking to save some money, and get some help for the event to be paid for, a good way to go is through a sponsor. Have some people or local businesses sponsor your event, and help out. Maybe even have that business donate a prize for a raffle. There is a lot of work, and research involved to obtain help from a sponsor. But if you are willing to work through it, it will be well worth it. Once you have your details about payment planned out, your next major thing you will want to do is get the word out about your event. A great way to do this is to make posters and ask business if you can display them there, use your mailing list and send out invitations, insert flyers into the bulletin of churches if you are holding a church event, or even go to the extreme and send out a press release to all local radio and TV networks. These are just a few ideas of what you can do to help promote your event. There is also social media which is bound to get a good number of people!

Another thing that will be a major must will be to keep a record of every donation big or small. The reason for this is to see where the money is coming from, and if any money is missing. You will also want to do this to send a thank you email, letter or message for all the patrons who donate to your cause. Small local Non-Profit organizations such as a church or a VFW can always use the money for their building, help host event for the patrons who attend, and get the word out for their business. These organizations are making this world a better place by their willingness to do things such as a fundraiser or a carnival. Not only do they help out their community, but they also create loyal customers, or patrons. If you are creating something for people to come to your event, or come to your store, when that is over, said and done, they are going to want to comeback or have another event to come back to. In the end, it creates loyal customers who come back asking about your information.

The bottom line to this is, nonprofit organizations are some great places. They help our community and when people are helping our community, it is a lot easier to get the support of the local people around you.

Raffling is truly a simple yet genius selling and fundraising technique, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great way to raise money for any sort of cause or organization.

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Contributed by Amanda Easterling

November 20, 2015