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How a Raffle Saved the Music by Anton Alvoid

How a Raffle Saved the Music by Anton Alvoid


Music has always been an essential part of my life and my experiences. From learning how to match pitch at five years old, to getting a lead role in my middle school's performance of Willy Wonka. Performing in front of friends and family has always made me feel at home. Despite my passion for the arts however, music budgets are among the first to always get cut at pubic schools. My school Henry Sibley was no exception. My friends and I were at risk of missing chances to broaden our horizons. Our school could never afford to support the fine arts, which meant worn and torn sheet music, no school trips and faulty mics. This is why our involved faculty and parent volunteers decided to have raffles.           

High school was a critical time for self discovery, which I found through the halls of the music department. I can't count the numerous hours I've spent at extra curricular rehearsals for musicals, jazz choir or regular choir. I've gotten the opportunity to go on many college trips, dance festivals and many other enriching experiences by being a part of the music department. Like many Americans I grew up in a single parent household, so financial need anyway possible was a blessing. Not only did the money raised by the raffles go to new music, equipment, but also scholarships. We also had other opportunities to get money towards the cost for these necessary enriching experiences. Our student accounts for choir could be used  to pay for these extra expenses of choir and by going out and selling raffle tickets we could earn a little extra money into our accounts. These scholarships for field trips and much more were possible due to the choir boosters at my school's raffles.

The choir booster raffles held during the winter concerts every year, raised so much money for the program and gave away great prizes to the families in the choir program. Since the students of my school took it upon themselves to raise the money to take back the music program, I am fortunate enough to still be involved in the activities I love. My experiences in high school made deciding the age old question of, what do I want to do with my life a piece of cake. I couldn't imagine my life without music so I'm going to do all I can to make sure it never has to leave. I know post secondary education is the right fit for achieving what I want out of life. I'm now enrolled at a four year university as a music major and this is largely thanks to the choir booster raffle. Without the funds they helped generate and the money I put to my student account selling raffle tickets, I was able to experience all the extra curricular activities at a price my household could afford. These extra things have enriched my life in a positive way for sure. Raffles have without a doubt impacted my life.

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Contributed by Anton Alvoid

July 28, 2015