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How a Raffle Can Enhance Your Business by Rodrigo Salinas

How a Raffle Can Enhance Your Business by Rodrigo Salinas


Raising money is a crucial part in any business’ essential goal. Sometimes businesses must creatively think of new ways to raise money in order to introduce a new product or push advertisement. Coming up with ways to raise money can be difficult. Many methods can fail, and even end up costing money. One of the most effective ways to raise money that many businesses have implemented is a raffle.


Raffling has been around for a while now and while it may not be a new innovative idea, it is a proven concept that works. However raffling can do a lot more than just make a quick buck. Raffling can often times build customer relationships with a business. It is not an exaggeration that America has a strong gambling problem. We as Americans love the idea of waging a little bit of money in order to receive big rewards. The trick to any raffle is to make it fun and inviting. By raffling something of that people desperately want they are likely to get far more involved, and this could even lead to attracting several new customers.


In order to have a successful raffle planning must be done. A crucial aspect of a successful raffle is that these successful raffles know which demographic they are appealing to. If there is a technology company offering a free vacation it might not be as successful as if they were to raffle off something that they sell like a T.V. Another thing is to keep the raffle as costly effective as possible so that there is profit generated. Plan and make sure that there are several volunteers willing to go out and promote the raffle. Stronger raffles usually encourage people to sell tickets by hosting a mini prize within the volunteers themselves. The volunteer that sells the most tickets will be rewarded. It is crucial to sell tickets in a creative manner. Sell them at local events that are hosted by the company, or even have the volunteers go to other events. The goal is to raise money, and the more effort that is put into the raffle, the more revenue it will produce.


Raffles are a very effective way to raise money. But like every other fundraiser it is what one puts into it, what they get out of it. Preparation is key for any raffle and should be prioritized. A successful raffle rewards the dedicated people who went out there and sold tickets. Positive reinforcing is key in order to motivate all of the volunteers putting hard hours of work into the raffle. Know the demographic you are appealing to. A raffle will not only help a company raise money, but it could bring the benefits of new clientele into the company as well. It also further strengthens the relationship between the company and existing customers. Any company should strive to make their guests happy and a raffle can serve that purpose. Who doesn’t like a free T.V., car, dinner for two, or free vacation?

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Contributed by Rodrigo Salinas