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Grow Your Community With a Raffle Fundraiser by Kalyn Diaz

Grow Your Community With a Raffle Fundraiser by Kalyn Diaz

 I have become a part of the Big and Little Sister association of Boston for the past seven years.  I met my big sister Barbara, when I was around thirteen and now being twenty one, she has continued to stay in my life and has helped shaped the woman that I am today. When I first met Barbara, I was very shy and not sure of the type of person that I was.  Over the past couple years, I have grown very confident in the person that I am today and have been able to vocalize my thoughts and feelings.

 Either through our weekly walks and talks, or gardening sessions these activities have become a very important part of my life.  Being a part of the Big and Little Sister community of Boston, we have not only spent time with each other but we have also spent time with other people in our community. One of the biggest events and most memorable events that the association holds is their annual breakfast during the summer. During this breakfast, Big and Little’s from across the state meet up all together for an annual breakfast that show cases the events as a community we have been a part of. This annual event also brings the opportunity of having raffles as well.

By having this raffle we grow as a community by showing that we care about each other as a whole. It also brings the community together for causes that other bigs or littles may not be familiar with.  This is important because by already showing the bond the community has, it can continue to grow by coming together for events that everyone can be a part of.  Even though we do showcase these raffles, there are many ways that the raffles can be imporved.

One of the ways that the raffles can be improved would be by growing in the amount of sales. The way that sales can be improved is by raffling things that people are in need of or that can also benefit other causes. This can be important because it gets more people involved and can also not only just benefit one thing, but can also benefit more than one event in the process. This can be seen as a prize in itself because people can have the gratitude of helping others and by being a part of a community already, they can be familiar with helping groups of people that may or may not have similar interest as them.  

Not only can this be a prize but it can also be a way to motivate ticket sales. Being a part of the Big and Little sister community, bringing a cause that the community may or may not be familiar with, it sparks interest in the community. By sparking an interest in the community, the sales can increase because it has a set of people that the raffles can be geared towards. By selling tickets, people can also try becoming a part of a new community.

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Contributed by Kalyn Diaz