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Generate Promotional and Customer Loyalty Benefits by Utilizing a Raffle by Bobby Rodriguez

Generate Promotional and Customer Loyalty Benefits by Utilizing a Raffle  by Bobby Rodriguez


All sorts of companies, including those of retail and service, can generate promotional and customer loyalty benefits by utilizing a raffle for a marketing promotion.  Raffles create a buzz within a business. When someone hears the word raffle they usually think prize.  Everyone loves to win something, whether it be in a sport or raffle, it’s human nature.  So let’s break it down, how can a raffle have an end result of promotional and customer loyalty for a company.

Creating awareness of the raffle is already a promotional advertisement. When a company holds a raffle they need to let the public aware of it.  The raffle can be for a non-profit proceeds while the prizes can be a special promotion for the business, such as a gift certificate, an enticing coupon, or any type of promotional product. Already this raffle has the potential to generate customer loyalty.  By having a prize that allows the customer to purchase products from the business gives the customer a taste of what the company has to offer.

Another way a company can drive customer loyalty is by allowing a customer to enter a raffle during a purchase.  The business can capture the customers name, address, phone number, etc. By doing so, the company is generating a list of customers they can send promotions too to drive the customer to come back for any additional purchases or promotions the store may be holding.  Capturing customer information can be crucial for any type of marketing information. By starting a loyalty program, which stemmed off a raffle, the company now can track the customers buying habits and behaviors.  It can be to the point where the store remerchandises certain products throughout the day to capture incremental sales. Customer data is a useful tool if analyzed correctly. Capturing all of this could be as simple as a raffle.

Holding a raffle where customers or participants can enter in multiple times can also drive promotions or customer retention.  If a customer purchases more than one ticket, it can be safe to assume that they are already interested in the company and what the company has to offer, given the prizes are a product or item of the company holding the raffle. If the prizes do not benefit both the customer and business, the raffle would be useless to generate retention.

Since raffles aren’t common among most companies, holding one will create interest. People would want to know why the company is holding a raffle, what for, and how it will benefit them.  This ultimately could lead to a successful word of mouth marketing campaign. This is a very easy, very inexpensive way to drive customer awareness of the business, its products, its services, and ultimately its benefits to the potential customer.

Companies that use raffles to generate customer loyalty or any type of promotion must do so in a smart fashion. Proper planning and execution is key for a raffle. Generating buzz, preparing FAQs that customers may have, determining prizes, and having a bounce back offer for all participants are key for a high retention rate when it comes to a raffle. But without the first step of having a raffle, the last step of retaining a customer will not happen.

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Contributed by Bobby Rodriguez, Jr.