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Generate More Raffle Ticket Sales With These Tips by Ashton Brown

Generate More Raffle Ticket Sales With These Tips by Ashton Brown


Non-profit organizations do not have a steady source of income, so things like fundraisers are a huge source of income. In order to make their fundraisers more effective there are a few things they could do. One thing might be that in order to get in to the event you’d have to buy a ticket, and that ticket would enter you into a drawing. Another way to generate revenue would to be to sell more tickets for different drawings. Lastly, if you’re volunteers want to sell tickets, more people will buy them, so make it fun for them too.

The first way to generate ticket sales is to sell each individual, or family, a ticket when they walk through the door. This could help generate revenue for some things, but it may also harm your revenue stream. If you charge people for entering your event, they will be less likely to spend money on other things, like food, games and other drawings. One way to counter act that, is to give people some sort of service, so they feel like they have gotten something physical, for the money that they have spent to enter the event. Whether that be through a separate drawing that you can only enter once, by entering the event, or by raising up ticket prices, but including a free meal with each ticket.

The second way to create more ticket sales and revenue is to have many different drawings for different things. Maybe you could have some for kids, where you would include a new bike, a family movie night basket, a free bowling game for the entire family, a free pass to go swimming, or something to that effect. Also have one for adults, maybe a spa treatment at a local business, or a free oil change for a garage. Teenagers will also be coming to this event most likely, so don’t forget to put something out for them too, they usually have their own spending money, and most events forget to include people other than children and adults. Hey, maybe even throw in a few senior packages. The more people you include, the more willing people will be to try and win them.

As for the Volunteers, do something to thank all of them, maybe by giving them a free meal from whatever food place you’ve got working, so that they feel like they are valued, but also don’t forget to have some prizes too. The grand prize for the person who sells the most tickets, a few more for second and third, and then possibly some other things. The competition will make it fun, and you will see a lot more ticket sales if your workers feel motivated to sell them.

These are just a few ways to generate more ticket sales, which in turn, moves more income into your non-profit organization. Selling tickets to everyone when they enter the event, and then entering them into a grand prize raffle. Have many different drawing people can buy tickets for to win things. Lastly, start a friendly competition with your volunteers to see who can generate the most revenue, but make sure you make them feel valued, or they will not want to do anything because they feel you do not appreciate them. These are again, just a few ways to generate more revenue.

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Contributed by Ashton Brown