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Gaining Loyalty From Your Customers With Raffle Tickets by Jonathan Wewer

Gaining Loyalty From Your Customers With Raffle Tickets by Jonathan Wewer


  1. Describe how a business (including retail and service) can derive promotional and customer loyalty/retention benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts.



Gaining loyalty from your customers is very important in today’s economical consumer market. Properly utilizing a raffle system to promote products and business brands can help attain a customer's attention. For example, retail companies that hold raffles in their stores and giveaway free merchandise can win a customer’s loyalty. Also if a person is shopping in that store  for the first time and isn’t aware of their quality of merchandise helps produce a chance to gain a customer by focusing on the promotional aspect of the raffle.


The giving away of free merchandise is always a good way to promote brand and products because what individual doesn’t want something for free. Once the raffle is complete and there is a satisfied customer, another promotional aspect takes course which is the word of mouth aspect. The customer will tell their friends and there is a strong chance that they will then to become curious about the stores products and services. The raffle system will help market products and services in and out of the place of business and expand its promotional market.


In closing, utilizing a raffle as part of a marketing strategy provides numerous benefits for the business and customer. The business benefits from customer satisfaction which will result in loyalty and a spread of message that the business has good quality service and products. The customer benefits because they can gain something for free and find a brand they can become loyal to and influence others to gear towards taking part in buying the business’s products and services.


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Contributed by Jonathan Wewer