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Fundraising Marketing and Raffling by Amethyst Sharie Johnson

Fundraising Marketing and Raffling by Amethyst Sharie Johnson


Fundraising, Marketing and Raffling, each of these involve receiving money, but in various ways. One involve trying to either start their own business or help make a business grow successfully, another wants to sell products and advertise them hoping that it goes on long enough for people to come back for more and the other is all about intuition ,perseverance ,luck and even fun.

When it comes to fundraising there are no questions because with fundraising people would be able to help others, it is something people would be able to help others, it is something people do to help those in need it is also useful for being able to set up resources that surely are needed.

Helping others by gaining enough profit to perhaps start their own business or to keep it standing. Resources are necessary to have if they are willing to continue forward with whatever they are planning to do. It could also be as simple as helping sick people.

Of course you will need some good people to start with who is really good at advertising the campaign. Working on it alone won’t get you anywhere, but it would hurt to start small and slowly build it up.


People today are looking for products that suite their needs, whether it be food, clothes, etc. They will be wanting to need what they are buying. That is what business is all about when it comes to marketing. They want the consumers to know that they have what they exactly want or need to please the consumer.

Marketing is all about promoting and selling a product because by advertising what they have in store many people will be grabbed by it depending on the product, by selling what is most popular or needed in today’s society.

The product must be good and stand up to the consumer’s needs, for example, they want a nice television, a flat screen with all it has to deliver. Not the old television with the hump on its back. Not saying that most people would not mind having one either. It’s all about what the consumer finds suitable for them and how that product stands out.


A lot of people are out there for a thrill, such as gambling, but there is raffling. But that depends on what the consumer wants. Some just want to buy a lotto ticket to test their luck, there is also the fun and family -oriented Bingo, and the chance of winning by simply just having your name called.

Raffling is all about winning, for example, you buy a lottery ticket, you scratch that ticket and hope to win big or at least get your money back, it could also involve writing you name on a scrap of paper and putting it in a box of others and hoping that yours will be called. It could also involve other activities such as trying to get a scholarship. Think about that.

It can involve families to the mature, it depends on what is being given away, for example, a flat screen television set, or a brand new car or a whopping heap of cash. Even toys. Take your pick.

But it’s not just about the winning, it’s about how much you give to help. Some raffles involve fundraising for certain campaigns. So you are not really wasting away your money in this circumstance, you are actually being a part of something great.

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Contributed by Amethyst Sharie Johnson

December 30, 2015