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Follow These Steps and Your Raffle Will Be a Great Success by Kasim Liburd

Follow These Steps and Your Raffle Will Be a Great Success by Kasim Liburd


The purpose of fundraising is to raise money and/or gather resources from voluntary contributions in order to fulfill a need by an organization or group.  One of the most common ways to do this is by raffle.  An individual can purchase a ticket in hopes of winning a prize much more valuable than the ticket itself.  Done correctly, raffles raise enough money to meet the needs of an organization.  To do this ticket sales must be maximized, volunteers have to be motivated and prizes must be sought after.

There are some key points to consider when it comes to maximizing sales.  Most important is the reason why the tickets are being sold in the first place.  Potential buyers need to know that their money will not be wasted.  Promote your cause and let its importance be known.  Next consider the cost of the ticket.  The cost should be something that people are more likely to have on them.  In addition, the value of the potential prize should be exponentially more valuable than the cost of a ticket.  Buyers are more likely to give $1.00 for the chance at winning a $100.00 item.  One more thing that will help maximize sales is to encourage volunteers to sell to non-organiztion members and non-family members.  Often times once volunteers sell to these people they are done.  Set up stands at grocery stores and other high foot traffic areas.

Motivating volunteers to sell as many tickets as possible is also important to the success of the raffle.  One way to motivate volunteers is to show them that they have a vested interest in the success of the raffle.  They need to know its importance and the goals that need to be met.  Another way to motivate the volunteers would be to offer them a free entry in the raffle for selling ‘X’ amount of tickets.  A free entry is only as good as the prize.  A chance to win something wonderful can be great motivator. 

The prize for a raffle must be something that people would have to budget for.  Here is a list of items that would be a great prize:

  1. A pair of Beats Headphones
  2. $100.00 Visa gift card
  3. $100.00 Grocery card
  4. $100.00 Gas card
  5. Tickets for an Amusement Park
  6. A weekend cruise
  7. Free stay at a hotel
  8. A shopping spree
  9. Free year of Netflix
  10. Utility bills paid for a set period of time.

When deciding on a prize, keep in mind your financial goals.  If at all possible have someone donate the prize.

Raffles are a great way to raise money to fulfill a need or purpose.  Remember to let your purpose be known.  Explain the relevance to your volunteers so that they believe they have a stake in the raffle’s outcome.  Provide a great prize that will generate ticket sales on its own.  Follow these steps and the raffle will be a great success.

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Contributed by Kasim Liburd

July 22, 2015