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Focus on Those You Are Trying to Help by Samantha Michelson

Focus on Those You Are Trying to Help by Samantha Michelson


As someone who works at a non-profit organization, fundraising is at the heart of the services we provide. Without the support of individuals and the community, my organization would not be able to provide the level of individualized education that we do for our students who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. One idea for fundraising is to focus on the population you are targeting. For instance, we look to involve the parents, other teachers, and anyone affected in any way or knows someone who has ASD. Focusing on who you are trying to help is oftentimes the same focus for getting someone to want to fundraise for you, or donate to you. 

Another important aspect to fundraising is involving the community. Going to local businesses and seeing who might be willing to donate something to your raffle is a great way to gain support for the community and make your raffle worth attending. Restaurants are often willing to donate gift cards, coffee shops and places that sell body products such as lotions are often great resources for donating products that you can make into a nice basket.

Try visiting spas to see if you can get a free massage donated or hotels to see if you can get a weekend stay during their off-season. There are many community businesses that are willing to participate, you just need to take the time to search them. They benefit from how it makes them appear to the public and you benefit by creating an awesome raffle. You can also look to parents to do some baking. Selling cupcakes, although small, sends extra money toward the organization you are working so hard to support. You can also make your fundraiser more exciting by creating games for people to win the prize and having them pay to enter the game, instead of paying for the raffle ticket. For other big-ticket items, you can opt to auction it to the the highest bidder instead of giving it away in the raffle.

There are many ideas for creating a great raffle but the best thing you can provide is your dedication to the cause. The more you can motivate others toward what you are really working for, the better your fundraiser will be!

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Contributed by Samantha Michelson

October 19, 2015