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Everyone Wins When Raffle Tickets Are Involved by Shelby Evans

Everyone Wins When Raffle Tickets Are Involved by Shelby Evans


“YOU COULD BE A WINNER!” Wouldn’t it be cool for customers to hear this over the intercom as they stepped foot through the front door of their most favorite clothing store in the world? Maybe it will scare the shopping out of people at first, but knowing that they can win something just by doing something as simple as walking into a store seems awesome. Retailers may want to read this. This may help raise sale numbers and increase the loyalty in customers.

Raffle tickets are a fun creative way to sale or promote a great variety of things. Raffles brings excitement and thrill. Having a sale or just want to add excitement to a store or business one day? Include a raffle. Maybe a gift card, free specific item, or shopping spree can be rewarded for the winner of the raffle. Price the tickets at a low cost of about one dollar. It would be best if a limit of how many tickets a consumer can purchase were not enforced.

It will benefit the business by bringing in more money.  Encourage your consumers that the more raffle tickets they purchase, the better chance they have of winning the grand prize. Consider having a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Knowing that only one person has the chance of winning will discourage consumers who are not risk takers or think they do not have the best of luck. Methods that are beneficial to you and fun for the customers can also be used. For example, allow all customers who spend a certain amount of money, on merchandise, to receive a free raffle-ticket that will be entered into the drawing. This will bring excitement to the customers shopping and will encourage customers to spend more money, which will increase the business sales rate.

Engage with the customers as they are shopping. Hand out about five free raffle tickets for no reason at all. Keep customers involved. Keep customers excited. Answer all questions asked truthfully and prompt. Do not just settle for customers that are already in the store and/or shopping. Go above and beyond by encouraging new consumers to purchase a ticket for the raffle as well. Yes, use the raffle as part of the business marketing. Go outside the store and inform individuals of all the excitement going on. New business will increase the company’s sales for sure. More is always better in the business world. When time to dig for the winner, be sure it is on the date, at the time, and place stated it would be held. Be sure the winner(s) receive the prize(s) that were promised if won. This lets the customers know that the business is honest and keeps its word.  This will also keep consumers coming back to shop and spreading the word about the company.

Make the winners feel special and thank the ones who did not win for their participation. This shows the consumers that the business cares about its shoppers. Customer loyalty is very important. Want to add excitement to a grand opening, sale, or regular day at a store or business while increasing sales and customer loyalty? Have a raffle. The company gains more business, and the shoppers have fun. Everyone wins, even if his or her ticket is not picked.  

It is just that easy!


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Contributed by Shelby Evans