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Everyone Has a Chance and Hope When Raffle Tickets are Involved by Helen Holthaus

Everyone Has a Chance and Hope When Raffle Tickets are Involved by Helen Holthaus


A chance to win prizes is simply something everyone wants to be a part of!  It is a feel good of hope till the day the winner is picked!  When seeing how my school raffles have worked and benefited my schools over the years, I know personally how helpful they were to allow me to attend the schools I have attended.  Per my father who was in a leadership position of each year, the largest portion of proceeds on the budget is always the Grand Raffle of Raffle Tickets sold!

It has always been that when the Grand Raffle tickets appear for both those that sell them and those that buy, fun times are ahead and hope is high for all!  The challenge is to get people excited and interested in the raffle.   At my grade school, it created such interest both in the raffle as well as it brought extra attention to our private Catholic Schools goals that created interest in the school itself and the awareness of how special it was to be a part of.  The Raffle Tickets sold throughout our area of the State of Kentucky also promoted the huge Fall Festival months in advance to build awareness well in advance.

While the paragraph above tells how to create and increase sales from the use of events that shows an atmosphere that the attendees would be highly likely to purchase more tickets, it shows it is for a worthy cause!

Our ticket prizes were always for cash money, however you could easily make it for other prizes that may be donated or purchased by the raffle committee.  It could almost allow the marketing committee to promote the value besides cash of all prizes being given away.   We use the money for schools working budget, but easily an organization could donate it to a local / regional / or national charity.

In closing, as we did, the competition between class help really drive the sales.   The Raffle committee offered prizes such as classroom ice-cream parties or their homeroom teacher that wins a valuable gift card to use for their class.  When we started this, sales dramatically increased, as did the profits for the overall Fall Festival.   If you could imagine, a family that arrives at the festival, with their raffle tickets in hand, with their kids and neighbors in tow, along with the money they’ve set aside to attend for a family night of fun.  The big time of the evening that every one stopped and listened was always the Grand Raffle.   The winner’s names being announced one by one; some you knew as neighbors or friend and family members and others all new exposed to the festivities while listening attentively and hoping their number or name is drawn.  It is a life changing experience not only for the good to those that do win.  Even the non-winners feel great for the winners, as it could have easily been them. 

By combining all the various parts of the Raffle Ticket process, more people knew about attending on the dates set and they typically spent more since they had the time to plan attending.  


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Contributed by Helen Holthaus