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Every Large Target has a Smaller Target in the Middle by Logan Jones

Every Large Target has a Smaller Target in the Middle by Logan Jones


A non-profit organization can definitely benefit from a raffle fundraiser to support their efforts to help people in the community.  A raffle not only generates funds for the organization, it allows each member of the organization to be a part of the process.  A raffle is a multi-generational approach that supports each member of a family to contribute in some way to the effort. 


As a Boy Scout, I participated in many different types of sales and my favorite was a raffle fundraiser.  Each scout in my troop would use their own family and community connections to get raffle items so everyone was included in the process and could contribute in their own unique way.  Each scout would celebrate the big and the small contributions, it leveled the playing ground for each member on our team…everyone was important because they could provide unique items. 


Using a raffle and raffle tickets was an easy and low cost way for our troop to make money for our activities.  We used many ways to generate ticket sales and it started with motivating scouts to sell tickets.  Our scout troop chose what the money would be used for and because we were excited to get new camping supplies, scouts were eager and happy to ask their neighbors and family to buy a ticket.  Scouts set personal selling targets and this also allowed each scout to track their sales.  At weekly meetings we discussed as a troop what selling strategies worked well so we could all team to increase our ticket sales.


One of the things I really appreciated was that raffle tickets are easy to sell.  If the individual ticket cost is reasonable, people can buy as few or as many as they would like.  We sold them for a dollar so most people would always have enough change in their pocket to purchase at least one.  This approach helped us be successful,   “we hit our large target by aiming for the bulls eye in the middle” with our sales.  Each small sale contributed to our big success at the end! 


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Contributed by Logan Jones