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Consider a Raffle to Promote Your Business by Hope Nicole Brown

Consider a Raffle to Promote Your Business by Hope Nicole Brown



Raffles are something commonly overlooked, yet very beneficial to businesses. They can be held for different reasons, or promotions, and can be quite successful. New customers are a must for any business, and what better way to get people talking about your company than some fun hospitality?

There are different ways to go about this. Usually, you will charge a set amount per ticket, but sometimes if the customer spends over a certain amount of money they will receive their ticket for free. This is an easy way to try to convince people to spend more money in the business. Not to mention these people may come back through the duration of the raffle and spend the amount again to get another free raffle ticket. It is still greatly benefiting the company. 

The prizes can vary greatly. It could be something physical, such as a car or a laptop (which you could use to advertise your business) However, sometimes it is more beneficial to raffle off coupons. For instance if you run a gas station, maybe raffle off a coupon for seventy-five cents off each gallon of gas up to twenty gallons. Let’s say another company is in pest control, they could raffle off a $40 full home treatment when it is regularly $99. There are endless ways to offer a prize for the raffle. 

My sister used to enter a raffle at her local gas station every week and won several times. She won a flat screen TV, a mountain bike, as well as a mini fridge. So, as expected, she continues to go there. She is now a very loyal customer, not only that but she has referred most of her friends and family to said gas station. Word of mouth is a very fast way to get new customers into your business. There is something that travels faster; social media. People use social media to stay in touch and talk about their experiences, so many people will post pictures of their winnings. They are excited and want people to know, which benefits the company by getting even more people involved into future raffles. 

Another way to benefit your company with a raffle, would be to use a cross promotion strategy. Say there is a furniture store near an organic food market, they could help each other get new customers. The furniture store can raffle of things such as free fruit baskets, buy one item get one free, 50% total purchase, etc. While the organic food market has a raffle for a night stand, chair, or offer for a low financing plan. These stores do not compete, so they are helping one another get new customers, simply by using the customers they already have. 

The last, and certainly not least, way that raffling can benefit is for charity. Whether the automotive parts store has a raffle to help assist a child with cancer, or the buffet down town has a raffle to raise money for a local church, knowing you are donating to a good cause is one of the best feelings imaginable. Even if you don’t win the prize, you still win. 

Raffles can offer different prizes, bring in new customers, spread a positive review about your company, and even help those in need. They offer a fun and positive thing to your company that customers will be happy to learn about. 


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Contributed by Hope Nicole Brown

September 11, 2015