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Companies Customers and Raffles by Troy Herrera

Companies, Customers, and Raffles  by Troy Herrera


The customers and businesses are a lot like an elegant river. Whenever there are a surplus of customers, the business has a strong flow. A problem that every company faces is how to obtain and retain faithful customers. Most places of business try and practice one on one interactions so that they can start to build a stronger relationship with the consumer, but that doesn’t always do the trick. If all your competitors practice “good customer service” then it’s like no one is, and then you’re back to square one. Well if that doesn’t always work then what will?  Marketing comes in extremely handy at this point because it’s their job to figure out how to retain that loyalty that we would want from the customer. With that being said, raffles are a great way to do this.

Raffles are a great source of marketing. It enables customers to become more than just a customer to a store or company, because it gives them a feeling of being involved. There are two different way that raffles can work. The first way, which isn’t the best way to retain a customer, is for customers to purchase a ticket and then after a fixed time, a winner is picked at random and given a prize. In this scenario the customer is involved but they still had to gamble their own money and that doesn’t make them feel as special since they had to pay for it. The second way, and the way I would prefer to do it, holds the same concept, but instead of paying for the ticket, it’s given to them because “that’s just how much we love our customers”. That’s exactly what an employee told me after I bought paper from their paper supply store that I normally don’t use. After I saw how much care and love went into each order I placed, I started using them more and more until they became my main paper supplier.

Raffles may or may not work depending on the goal that the company sets for the raffle. The entire point of the raffle could be different for each company. Some companies might have a raffle give away to help sales and others might just do it because they love their customers. I personally believe that the company that holds the raffle for the love of the customer, is the companies that will remain standing. Whenever the company asks customers to spend money, most of the time they are hoping to earn a small profit. This is something that I think is wrong. It may not decrease the amount of customers that you have, but why make a small profit whenever you have the potential to obtain new customers. This is whenever different companies start sticking out from one another. People are really good at being able to tell who is a good person and who is a greedy person. The general public doesn’t want to be around a company that is always greedy and money driven. Society like people who are nice to each other. So for any company that is looking to obtain a loyal customer that enjoys being at your business of any kind, make sure you’re doing it the right way!

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Contributed by Troy Herrera

July 16, 2015