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Churches Benefit From Raffle Fundraisers by Matthew Morrissette

Churches Benefit From Raffle Fundraisers by Matthew Morrissette


Although churches are in cities to provide a place of worship for the community and a place a peace they are still in need of money.  Without money a church will never make it. 


My grandmother’s church will be closing this year.  Their Christmas Eve service will be the last one of the year for them and it breaks my family heart.  This is all because they cannot afford to stay open.  What better to raise money and to keep the church then have a raffle?  A raffle would be an easy way for them to make money and possibly be able to save the church. 


I think the best way for them to get items to raffle off would be to go to local companies and see if they would be willing to donate objects such as TV’s, game consoles, gift cards or even a car.  Companies would donate the prizes for free because it benefits them too.  They can get a tax right off and could even get free advertisement by each of them being able to put a banner behind the objects they donated.  This way the companies and the church can benefit from the deal.  These items would also boost ticket sales by large quantities.  These are high demand items that everyone wants and loves so people would buy a lot of tickets in order to have better chances.  I would make sure I got the word around by putting advertisements on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.


On these advertisements I would be sure to mention the items going up for raffle, the date, and the time.  Another way would be to create small signs that go into the ground.  I would use a very user-friendly picture and make sure the signs are very informative and easy to read.  I would leave the date blank and fill it in with a marker so that the signs could be used in the future.  This would save the church money on producing the signs and motivate the church to have more raffles in the future.  The easiest way to motivate the church volunteers to sell more raffle tickets is to tell them if the church sells out of tickets it would stay open in this case but in most cases they could offer a dinner for the staff if all tickets were sold.  The dinner could be donated by a local grocery store, which would also benefit them.


I would also use some of the money to buy the raffle tickets from AZ discount printing.  That way you know you get a high quality raffle ticket.  It may cost some of the budget but it would make the whole raffle go more smoothly and look more professional.  Also having members of a church or organization volunteer and work together could be a great way to have the group come together as a whole.  This is a great way to promote team building and camaraderie.   This plan will let any church or organization have a very successful raffle where every party that is involved comes out a head and making a profit.


Although churches do not seem like a business they do you to earn money in order to keep their doors open and the community as a whole.


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Contributed by Matthew Morrissette

July 17, 2015