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Church Raffle Fundraising Tips 101 by Erica Burch

Church Raffle Fundraising Tips 101 by Erica Burch


If churches run a raffle I believe it will be bring a lot of blessings to the church community.

First it would raise a lot of money to the church and second it would give back to the people who continue to praise the lord in their time of need.

Raffle tickets could be traded for clothes, shoes, any unwanted items or nonperishable food items or purchased for $1.00 each. Another way to receive a raffle ticket is to earn it by winning a game. If a person wins a game he or she wins 2 raffle tickets and he or she can participate in three out of five games. Children and adults of all ages can participate in the games.

The lucky winners can choose from any donated items to keep. The money accumulated from the raffle a portion goes to the church and the rest goes to a church member who is in a real dire need of help. Any leftover unwanted items goes to the Goodwill or homeless shelter.

This raffle ticket can happen once every two months so that there will be enough time to let the people accumulate any unwanted items. The choir can sing to keep the mood going. There can also be a BBQ so that everyone can eat.

The raffle fundraiser can be headed up by the church preacher. The person giving out raffle tickets can be the treasurer of the church since he or she is already in knowledge of how to handle money. The games could be headed by one of the deacons. I believe that the fundraiser can bring a lot of money to the church as well as provide a lot of people with items that they need as well as get everyone together in support of one another.


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Contributed by Erica Burch