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Cecilia Cerja

Raffle ticket fundraisers are the best way for nonprofit organizations to raise large amounts of money with minimal effort and in a short time frame. However there are a couple tricks that one must utilize in order to have a successful raffle contest. The first thing one must do is have a prize that entices people to purchase a ticket. One of the best prizes to sell tickets is a car. To obtain the optimal amount of funds from the raffle the car must be between 11,000 to 13,000 dollars. Possible car options are 2015  Hyundai Accent,  2015 Mazda 2, 2015 Chevrolet Sonic, 2015 Ford Fiesta, or the 2015 Nissan Versa. These cars appeal to the largest amount of the population due to their size, excellent miles per gallon, and reliability of the model.

The second trick is the timing of the raffle. The people who are in desperate need of cars are high school and college students. Having this raffle around the summer ensures that both adults and students have money from their jobs and are willing to spend it. Both segments of the population are willing to take the gamble to win a car, which would exponentially improve their life.

The third and final trick is how the raffle ticket strategy. Tickets should be 25 dollars. The organizers must also set a ticket selling goal. The non-profit should only have 1000 tickets to sell, because when there is a ticket cap it motivates people to buy tickets. They feel as if their chances are higher when there is a set amount of people who could win. Although the key to motivating people in the non-profit in the group to sell tickets it the reward for selling the most tickets. The chances of winning a car from the raffle are 1 in 1000, but selling the most tickets is something that each seller has control over. The prize for selling the most tickets could be 500 dollars. Having a prize of that size will motivate people to sell more tickets as a backup strategy to earn a prize even if they don’t win the ultimate prize. Furthermore the nonprofit would be able to update its members as to who has sold the most and how many tickets there are left to sell to increase the urgency of the competition. Overall once you subtract the prize, advertising, and cost of tickets the nonprofit could earn up to 12,000 dollars. These three steps are the key to having an effective raffle ticket fundraiser.