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Business Raffles Simple Inexpensive Easy by Lauren Mifsud

Business Raffles Simple Inexpensive Easy by Lauren Mifsud


The simple utilization of raffle tickets as a marketing tactic can help a business attract and retain customers. Raffles are simple, inexpensive, and easy!

First, a new business will become more transparent in the community by using raffles in their marketing efforts. For example, if individuals come in a new store or business in their community and employees inform them of their raffle, customers will get a glimpse of the business and what its aims are, especially if it is a new business! On the other hand, if the store or business has been around and raffles are commonplace, raffles act as a bond between the business and clients. Clients come back not just for the business, but also for the promotional incentives they offer. This will also create more customers and awareness of the business because if the customers are satisfied and also happy about the raffle they will tell their friends and family as well.

A business will also benefit by utilizing a raffle in their marketing efforts because it is a more personal way of promoting a brand versus the general mass marketing approach. When store or business employees sell raffle tickets to clients and customers they actually have to have personal conversations with them. It is a chance for the business to get to know its consumers and is great for market research as well. On the flip side, raffles incite particular feelings in customers, such as hope and good feelings. If a customer is happy with the goods and services from the business they will likely take the risk and buy tickets for the raffle, even if their chances of winning are low.

Another way a business can derive promotion and customer loyalty/retention benefits by using a raffle in their marketing efforts could be that a raffle can create community ties and instill trust in the business. For example, there are 50/50 raffles and a portion goes to a charitable foundation. I remember when I was in grade school there were always raffles at our school’s auction. A percentage of the money went to our school’s Parish and education fund. This was a great incentive for our parents and their friends to participate in the raffle because they knew it was going to a worthy cause. If a business donates a portion of the money from the raffle to a charity this will indicate to the customers that they care about the local community. It will definitely give the business more trust in their consumers as well because they know the business is willing to also invest in the community.

Another reason why a business would want to utilize a raffle in their marketing efforts is that there could be incentives and discounts for clients. For example, I know a lot of small clothing businesses in Chicago who hold monthly raffles for 25% and 50% percent off discounts. A lot of their clothing is expensive so it entices clients to come back to the store every few months, browse the clothing collections, and enter in the raffle. This way, the customers are at least buying a couple of items and participating in the raffle. I often learn about these raffles on social media sites, such as Instagram and Facebook because I am already following the business. With the explosion of social media in the last decade, businesses can also enormously benefit from marketing their raffles on social media. The business is receiving more exposure and more followers because it is marketing its raffle on social media. More people, even new customers, will see the raffle and come into the store just for the raffle! I know I definitely have!

There are numerous positives for a business to utilize raffles including: transparency, personal ties, instilling trust, and promotion of the business itself. Overall, using a raffle to promote brand loyalty, customer retention, and promotion objectives is a brilliant idea and businesses, new or old, definitely cannot go wrong!

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Contributed by Lauren Mifsud

December 4, 2015