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Brittany Wilkerson

What are some good tactic that a non-profitable organization or group can use in order to develop a successful raffle fundraiser? In the past, during my junior and senior year of high school I was president over Interact with a community based group. As the group and I prepared for October to approach, we decided to do a fundraiser that would raise money for the support of breast cancer. We figured it would be a positive movement because majority of individuals have family members or friends who were victims of some sort of cancer. After putting ideas together Interact came up with the idea to do a three part raffle one to get students, faculty, and then the community as a whole involved. The first raffle that was presented was designed for students, each pink cupcake the student bought, gave the chance to win a gift card of 250 dollars that could be used anywhere. Every student we figured, needed money for supplies, food, or other necessities like clothes. Our most successful purchases came from both the junior and seniors because we figured it would help contribute to college application or help pay for the ACT/SAT’s. Even members inside the Interact group including myself participate in the raffle to get a chance to win. The price for the cupcakes were one for twenty five cents, two for fifty cents and then three cupcakes for a dollar. We wanted the prices as low as possible to get more to students to participate in the raffle.

The second part of the raffle were targeted for faculty, which was prize to win a box full of Office Depot supplies. This prize was based off of neutrality, both men and women could use the box and find it resourceful and a money saver from school supplies for the class room. The box consisted of: ink, teacher resource book, cleaning supplies, technology equipment etc. Each faculty member had to donate a new piece of pink clothing whether it was socks, a scarf, or shirt. However many items the faculty member donated was how many times the individual got to put their name in the box to get the office depot prize.

 Lastly, the third raffle was during the afternoon during the community softball game at the high school. The group figured it would be cold out, so we decided to have our sponsor knit three breast cancer blankets to raffle off during the softball game. The organization painted softballs pink and each had a number on it, the more softballs the people purchased gave them a better chance at winning a blanket or possibly winning two. The price of the softball was four dollars each but in order to be considered in the blanket raffle two had to be purchased. To motivate the sales we did one woman blanket, one male blanket and then a children’s blanket for the children suffering from cancer. The softball raffle was Interact organization’s biggest accomplishment on the raffle we ended up raising over three thousand dollars from that raffle alone and combined with the others our total reached over a five thousand dollars.