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Better the World With a Raffle by Sabrina Page

Better the World With a Raffle by Sabrina Page


This decade is all about trying to better the world. From charity races, concerts, donation programs and church retreats, we can make a difference in anyone’s lives. In order to be successful in personally touching a soul, a lot of work must go into planning the event. Coordinators and leaders often fundraise so they have enough money to set up a booth of events. Once this is done, more money can be brought in, and a small percentage is given back to those who helped raise the money, while the rest of the income goes to the charity in need. One successful way that organizations have raised money and awareness is a raffle booth.

Raffling booths are where anyone can go buy a ticket or several tickets to win a prize. The money that is collected goes to the organization. Prizes must be eye-catching and something that someone would want. Depending on what charity or club they are raising money for, can change what kind of prize you get. Normally, prizes include a gift basket of goodies to a gift card to a restaurant or shopping area. The best prize I have seen is a basket of household goods with a $250.00 visa gift card. I’m a broke college student and getting a basket of home goods would be a blessing. Raffling is the best way to go for fundraising because everyone likes to gamble. That one chance of you getting an amazing prize is worth the dollar you spent on a few tickets. It is most likely that the prize costs way more than what the average person would spend on the tickets. Raffling is all about getting that ONE small chance.

Non-profit organizations should have several ideas in mind as far as things that could boost raffle ticket sales. One idea is having several prizes that are worth different costs. For example, if you were to have the basket of home goods with a gift card then the next prize down would need to be of lesser value. It is the same idea as if you were in a beauty pageant and won 2nd runner up.  The prizes should be up to date and for all ages. An x-box would be an ideal prize because everyone would benefit from it. Gift cards never fail too or a giant egg with cash inside. To make it even more interesting, you could have a “mystery” prize.

Another way to boost sales is to print coupons on the back for a favorite food place. There is nothing like paying $1.00 for a ticket only to see that you can get half off your next Steak-N-Shake milkshake or a small free Dairy Queen ice cream cone. Having a variety of coupons on the back benefits everyone. They could even put coupons for other booths set up at the event so they have to go to another booth to buy food in order to get the discount. Then the organization is making even more money. There are so many cool and creative ideas to raffling…it really is the best way to go for organizations.


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Contributed by Sabrina Page

September 3, 2015