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Any Business Can Enlist a Raffle in Their Marketing Repetoire by Leah Noble Christoff

Any Business Can Enlist a Raffle in Their Marketing Repetoire  by Leah Noble Christoff



Any business model, large or small/private or non-profit/retail or service, would do well to enlist a raffle into their repertoire. Not only does a raffle promote the business, it promotes the culture and people of the business. When you initiate a raffle you set off a chain reaction that if done correctly, will not only booster the image of your business but help retain and recruit new customers. Anyone can buy an ad from Google or Facebook, but the competition is fierce. Who knows how many will see it, click on it and actually retain the message. Anyone can offer ten percent off the next purchase but having a raffle makes it personal.  You start with a raffle for your loyal customers. Get them hooked, treat them well, and they will always come back and hopefully bring a friend. Once you establish a loyal base, expand that raffle and bring in new customers. Customers want to be able to trust who their buying from. They want to know you won’t bombard them with a million emails or sell their data to a third party. This can be a hard hurtle to get over but if you start out right and keep that level of trust and engagement than you will only see your profit margins rise. 


You make your raffle interesting, not too complex, and make it personal. A suggestion would be to tie it into some milestone your business is having: grand opening, one-year anniversary, holiday and so on. Do your demographic homework and find out what is important to your customer base. Start with surveys, reviews and direct feedback on what your customers want; tailor the raffle to that. Knowing and listening to your customers is the most important thing, besides the cost of the product. People want to be made to feel important and that their time and opinion is valuable.


Market the raffle everywhere and draw them into the store with a ‘must be present to win’ hook. People love free things so make sure everyone either gets something small as a door prize or consolation prize. This is where the people behind the business come into play. Network and be social, in every aspect of the word. Engaging the customer without being pushy is a hard line to walk but once you discover your sales and marketing groove; it will make all the difference. The hardest part is getting people in the door but with the right promotion and marketing campaign, it can be achieved with great results.


What’s after the raffle you ask; a reward in profits no doubt. You now get to gently nurture that new customer base. Another smart thing to do would be to form a partnership with another compatible business and promote that combinational benefit to your customers. For instance, if your customers are shopping for pet food at your store and you pair up with a mutually beneficial service, like a pet hospitality center, you could raffle a package deal and promote both companies. You can use promotional raffles in a number of different ways all with the outcome of boosting your customer base, strengthening the connection to the brand and retaining the customers you do have. Because everyone knows there are a million companies selling the same thing and if you do not differentiate yourself then you’re leaving yourself out of the race.

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Contributed by Leah Noble Christoff

October 5, 2015