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An Emotionally Moving Raffle Fundraiser by Chris Calero Llerins

An Emotionally Moving Raffle Fundraiser by Chris Calero Llerins


I will describe how non-profit organizations can best derive benefit for their fundraising effort by holding a raffle fundraiser. To talk about it I’m going to use a real experience that I had years ago in Spain, specifically in 2014, which I had been very proud to be related in. An important day for all the people who suffer parkinson, “ International day of Parkinson”, which was celebrated around the world. The association CarmenLlerins.org ( espiritu libre), the one which I was related in, organized an art therapist event for all the participants and people who contribute with their donations and help to the International day of Parkinson marathon. 

This association decided to make a big mural with a logo “ All against the Parkinson” in which all people, included children, teenagers, adults, everybody who was in the social act, pained and wrote quotes against this disease and promote the health. The effort to sell the tickets was not too hard, everyone wanted to participate and give their support, and that’s because days like these one, everybody feels together for a reason, to fight for the same thing, the Parkinson. 


In one hand talking about how they made it, the Association took a big canvas which all people stick a drawing given by the association, what I mean with drawings is for a example a piece of paper in heart-shaped in which everyone painted with different colors and wrote different quotes. In my opinion that was an awesome idea, how all the colors gave to the mural a feeling of life, a hundred words together against the same disease. 

In another hand talking about the tickets, as I said wasn’t so hard to sell them, first of all because everybody wanted to give their support and give a little bit of money to this event, when you give your support in anyway to a event like this one, you feel more human, you are giving a piece of your soul to people who really need it and who really will appreciate your donation. So in my case I was in the streets talking about the truth, about what will do with the money and for what. The Association motived us, all the volunteer team with a simple quote “open your heart to others, that’s not about you, is about us” and that’s what I did, I was opening my hearth to everyone who really wanted to listen what I was saying, sharing a real story. It was an awesome feeling, the words came out of my heart to talk about Parkinson. 


The result of this event, was beautiful, there’s no more words to describe it. The whole piece was a magic combination of happiness, strength, overcoming and friendship. This piece was a story for the viewer, was a feeling, an emotion, a state, a symbol, a metaphor. At the end, the person who won the raffle was so happy, he won the whole piece. For the participants and volunteers who were related in, there wasn’t more satisfaction than see all of that people participating in a event for the world, for people who really needs help. Sometimes is not about you, is about others. 

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Contributed by Chris Calero Llerins

November 30, 2015