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Adelle Williams

I believe that raffle fundraisers are more beneficial when the ticket sales are spent on or donated to those in need, however; the prizes needed for raffle fundraisers to gain attention need to be as intriguing and fulfilling as getting fuzzy socks on Christmas as a 20 year-old college student. Those buying the raffle tickets must want with desire the prizes that are being offered such as; a shopping spree at a food market, a spa day, or tickets to an upcoming sports event. In my experience, prizes need to be catered to the working class adults who need a type of getaway that gets them away from their desk and off of their couch.

Throughout high school I was extremely involved with every play, musical, dance show,  and extra curricular activities that we organized and put on for the public. Every year, during the Christmas holiday there is a dance performance that is free and open to the public that for three years I was the Stage Manager of. I was in charge of coordinating with the choreographer and the school's faculty when and where the performance would take place, when the set was going up, who would run it, etc. and along with it I also worked alongside the choreographer and her dancers to organize a raffle fundraiser. Each person that was performing in the show would create a gift basket that was filled with items, certificates, gift cards, and those of the like from restaurants, shopping establishments, massage parlors, and the likes.

The goal every year is to raise money for the dance program at the school, and every year it is successful because we are able to raise money for new costumes, new dance floors, or sending the dancers to master classes with prestigious choreographers. This brings the students together because their goal is not only achievable, but extremely desirable thus they become dedicated and produce extravagant gift baskets to be put in the raffle ticket fundraiser.

For the companies and organizations that are promoted by using their products in the gift baskets, they receive an increased amount of customers and clients that receive their products. This not only sends these immediate customers, it also starts a word-of-mouth advertisement for the companies and organizations, which not only boosts their sales, but it also creates a solid and dignified relationship between them and the school. Because of the amount of times we have done this fundraiser, and the amount of students that get involved, companies are willing to donate every year simply because they know we can help send more customers their way.

After doing that fundraiser every year for three years, it has enriched my desire to get involved with activities that raise money to benefit others. Now that I am no longer in high school and can no longer be a part of that fundraiser, every year during Christmas time my family and I collect boxes upon boxes of sweaters, gloves, hats, pants, shirts, coats, and personal hygiene items to donate to the Good Samaritan Program in Salt Lake City, Utah. This has brought my family closer every year we spend doing this together because it fills us with warmth and love not only for each other, but for everyone around us.