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A Sure Fire Fundraiser by Alyssa Zuniga

A Sure Fire Fundraiser by Alyssa Zuniga


In today’s economy, it is naïve and improbable to assume that members of a particular group or community, or anyone for that matter will support a cause from merely their own generosity. For this reason non-profit organizations such as church groups, civic groups, and youth sports organizations find it more and more difficult to sustain themselves. In addition, the survival of these organizations cannot continue only with the help of volunteers. So how do they make up the remainder of expenses required to run a successful program? They fundraise by selling candy, handmade crafts, or services such as car washes. However, the sure way to maximize benefits for these organizations would be through raffle fundraisers.

So how can raffle fundraisers possibly be better than the standard selling goods? Raffles allow for much grander prizes that excite potential contributors. Furthermore, raffle type lottery systems are most popular among lower socioeconomic groups. In fact, one study showed that “increased levels of lottery play are linked with certain subgroups in the U.S. population—males, blacks, Native Americans, and those who live in disadvantaged neighborhoods” (Journalist’s Resource). This is because raffles and lotteries are often only a few dollars and the chances of winning a grand prize are equal for every singular entry. Therefore, the chance of winning something that could not be afforded otherwise such as a vacation or a laptop intrigues the masses.

This is why it is most beneficial for non-profits to organize raffle fundraisers in order to gain the money required to maintain themselves and achieve their objectives. Raffles in countless ways provide people with hope. Even if the chances of winning are slim, they are still chances and even the slightest of possibility is hope enough. Because it is important to have something to believe in, raffles can be very popular for members of a community and even more lucrative for the organization putting it on.

However, putting on a raffle fundraiser if much trickier if the goal is to maximize profit, which is most definitely the case for all groups. The trick I propose is to make aim the grand prizes to attract the particular group which will most likely be buying the raffle tickets. For example, in the case of youth soccer raffles, one might consider investing in tickets to a major soccer sporting event such as tickets to the championships. This would definitely be attractive to soccer families and players. In the case of church groups, one might consider family pack of tickets to a particular conference or vacation to a historic spot that is specific to that particular religion whether it be the holy land or Mecca. Furthermore, a raffle for a club such as the Hospitality Management Association, or HMA, may consider raffling of a chance to visit top tourist places such as a high end restaurant that is difficult to get seating for. Organizations and groups should most definitely take advantage of any connections for these prizes whether it is connections with chefs and restaurant owners that are willing to donate. Anything that would reduce the cost of grand prizes would be beneficial to maximizing profit and minimizing cost.

Lastly, the cost of tickets for raffle participation must remain at a reasonable level. What is most desirable is the opportunity for a reward if it means not having to pay an overwhelming amount for just a chance at winning. This is why it is important to take into consideration the value of the prize so as to correctly proportionate the cost of tickets. If it was expensive to obtain the award, then raffle tickets may be a little more expensive. However, a good rule of thumb is to keep tickets under $5. The cheaper the cost is, the more likely it will be that people will want to buy multiple if the award is worth the cost of tickets. However, it is also wise to take into consideration the target group. If the raffle is aimed at folks of greater income, then it would be wise to raise raffle ticket prices to $10-$15. Not only this, but it is important to remind the people what your cause for raising money is for. All in all, raffle fundraising is incredibly wise and profitable if one considers all the factors in organizing it. People love the chance of winning prizes, so make use of this great opportunity and organize your raffle fundraiser now!

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Contributed by Alyssa Zuniga

August 7, 2015