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A Super Simple Way to Fundraise by Esmeralda Lopez

A Super Simple Way to Fundraise by Esmeralda Lopez


Raffle fundraisers doesn’t require much money upfront, and it doesn’t take much time and effort to plan it like other fundraisers may take. Surprisingly, because many people like gambling they wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks to enter a raffle where they have the chance to win something since they already spend lots of money on unnecessary things. Plus, they leave you after buying tickets knowing that if they don’t win at least the money they spent in order to participate went toward a good cause. People like feeling as if they did something good everyday.  

It’s all about the way you promote the grand prize, how enthusiastic you are about it and about the possibility of the person you are talking to winning the price. Nowadays, with the usage of technology by everyone you can post on social media the fact that there is this raffle fundraiser going on so then it could get shared with family and close friends. You should make sure to be consistent and make sure to be accessible to meet up with whoever you needed to in order to sell them tickets. A way to include some form of incentive to stimulate ticket sales would be to make the tickets be sold at a reasonable price, which would be mean more than $10 each ticket. The price you should sell the ticket depends on how much money you are trying to fundraise. You could also include about two other smaller prizes, that way the person feels he or she has more than one chance to win something back for participating. Having them wonder what the other possible two prizes may be can get them excited and it possibly have them buy more tickets after they hear the prize value of the two smaller prizes. Electronics are always good to used as a prize, because who doesn’t want a bigger tv or a high-quality camera. Meanwhile, the grand prize may be giving them the option to choose another person to take to an appealing and relaxing destination, who wouldn’t want to go somewhere and not have to worry about anything for an entire week.

Take the time of day to remind volunteers of the cause to why you are doing this raffle fundraiser, and that should be enough to motivate people to keep working on selling more tickets. By showing the slight appreciation on a regular basis helps volunteers feel as if the hours they put into fundraising is taken into consideration and well appreciated. Advise them to go to places where they can find a large population to sell tickets to. For example, grocery stores, the mall, at the fair, and outside of church can all be good places to start selling. Try to set goals of the amount of money you want to already have accrued by the end of the week, and keep an eye out on what’s working and what strategies should you change to increase the sale of tickets. Make the day you draw out the winners, a day where those who participated can actually attend, at a place where they usually tend to go. Attempting to raise a large amount of money can be hard, but if you have the right people doing it for the right cause than everything else will fall into place.

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Contributed by Esmeralda Lopez