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A Simple Way to Maximize Sales of Raffle Tickets by Mariah Shidell

A Simple Way to Maximize Sales of Raffle Tickets  by Mariah Shidell


Hosting a raffle within a non-profit organization can be a difficult process for one to take part in, as non-profit organization are often a small community of people that disappear in a much larger community of large corporations. However, a basic understanding of human psychology could greatly benefit those hosting such an event.

For example, a simple way to maximize sales of raffle tickets is to target businesses with many customers. Businesses are often attracted to such opportunity for one reason: reputation. Aiding a non-profit organization creates a positive reputation for a business, and that organization is then able to also gain the customers of the larger business. They can also gain customers by participating in the raffle with deals or mandatory purchases for participation rights. In raffling, could also use advertising, such as the ads from the Humane Society. An advertisement that targets an audience at a personal level is often the most successful. An organization that deals with animals should pull on the heartstrings of animal lovers and owners, one that deals with children should target parents, grandparents, and teachers. There are also incentives that encourage people to participate.

When prizes are introduced, the situation continues to get better for the non-profit organization, and especially prizes that a) are monetary, b) make one’s life easier, or c) serve as some type of recreation. People rarely pass up on a chance to obtain money, so offering gift cards, shopping sprees, or free service giveaways is an easy way to gain the attention of most members in the community. Another option is making someone’s life easier, such as raffling off a lawn mower in the summer or a snow blower during a treacherous winter. Lastly, the majority of people like having fun, so a raffle must contain something that appeals to a large amount of people, such as tickets to a football game, a free trip to an amusement park, or a fishing boat.

Finally, there is the concern of motivating volunteers to sell more. An organization can teach all the skills required in obtaining the attention of businesses and customers, but without a motivated seller these skills are useless. Again, one simply needs to recognize what is desired. A pay raise or some other kind of benefit to the person who has the greatest success seems like a rather easy and simple solution for two reasons. One, the incentive is there; rarely would someone turn down the opportunity for a promotion, pay raise, or other benefit to them, especially within a non-profit organization because the paychecks they receive are bound to be small. Second, one of the greatest desires is pressured, to compete and to win. Perhaps a volunteer doesn’t care so much about the selling of the tickets, but winning a competition is a completely different story. In summary, the best way to successful host a fundraiser or raffle one must understand what people desire. Businesses get involved because it creates a positive reputation and draws in more customers. Citizens get involved because chances are it won’t cost them much and the prizes are money, something to simplify their life in some way, or something that will allow them to have fun. And volunteers strive to sell more tickets because they also have an incentive.


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Contributed by Mariah Shidell