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A Raffle Offers Satisfaction by Lana Frazier

A Raffle Offers Satisfaction by Lana Frazier


My passion has been to do something in business in college especially based on my experience from fundraising.  I have participated in numerous fundraisers and the money has always been to help better peoples’ lives.  I feel this is one way that with hard work and perseverance I can challenge myself to give to others and help myself at the same time.  When I have done fundraisers I feel a sense of personal satisfaction knowing that I can be of help to others. While I was in elementary, middle and high school I participated in an annual fundraiser. Our school has an annual fundraising campaign and it is based on sales and each family works hard to be the top seller.   The monies paid for supplies for the students and/or teachers.   I will be sharing with you my experience with fundraising and raffles since they generally go hand in hand.

 The raffle, fundraiser that I will be focusing on is important to me because it allows me to give back to me and other students at my school benefit.  Even the teachers and staff benefit from monies raised because they are a part of the school too. This raffle involves my entire family and we have to think of strategies to beat out other families by bring in the most money.  The top winner gets free pizza for a year and five hundred dollars.  We sell coupon books in which you can redeem in the located community for free and discounted items. This is like a competition and it is fun especially to win prizes. There are a lot of little prizes and just for selling one book you can win a prize. This is a good raffle because everyone in the school gets excited about it.  I enjoy this experience because it allows me to work with my family.  The first thing you have to do is figure out the population that will use coupon books, and then what businesses will allow you to sell in front of their store.  Usually our strategy is to ask businesses that have coupons in our books as they are usually more understanding. However, there are businesses that refuse to allow us to sell in front of their stores because they feel it bothers their customers.  Once we have secured the locations, then we have to make sure the store managers give us a time that we can stand outside and begin selling.  We decorate signs and politely have a key phrase to ask people to purchase our coupon books.

We sold enough books to be first place and won a year of free pizza, a trip to a water park, 300 cash and lots of free tickets and coupons to restaurants.  This event is an annual fundraiser and it helps the students and teachers to be academically successful.   This fundraiser is extremely important because it is the foundation of our future; it gives us the education we need to be successful in life. The skills learned while asking people to purchase our coupon books are invaluable.  I learned and improved my math, reading and communication skills as well as learning to be comfortable talking to people and educating them about why I was selling coupon books.  The community benefits because now the schools can teach the citizens to be productive in life and that hard work pays off. I feel that this experience was enriching because it has made me / us stronger and gives me confidence in myself.  It has helped me to be out going and socialize with other comfortably. This raffle fundraiser was successful because it was a group effort, a community effort and a school effort and it shows us how we are bonded together as one.  We achieved success as a team.

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Contributed by Lana Frazier

September 18, 2015