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A Raffle Keeps Customers Loyal by Stephanie Washburn

A Raffle Keeps Customers Loyal by Stephanie Washburn


It is just human nature, we love the possibility of winning something, and when we believe we can increase our chances of winning a prize it is even better. Plus it provides customer awareness and potential loyalty.


Many stores already have a loyalty program where a certain number of purchases or amount of money spent will allow the customer a reward. With this system the customers know exactly what it takes in order to receive that reward. Why not up the stakes for the chance of winning another prize or reward and given customers an even bigger incentive to shop at your store?


Stores can hold a raffle where every time a customer makes a purchase from the store during the set time frame, they are automatically entered to receive some prize. This will increase the total revenue; the chances the customers will enter the store, and the number of transactions. Each store can tailor the prizes they choose to hand out to customers, the number of winners per time frame, how long the raffle contest lasts, and other rules that they see a need to implement. This will encourage customers to come to the store more often during that time frame in hopes that shopping more will increase the odds of winning and reinforce loyalty.


With this strategy stores would have to ensure that they had a good advertising team so as to allow customers the opportunity to participate in the event. In order to reap the most benefits from this, consumers should feel that this is a great opportunity to purchase an item needed or perceived needed and have a chance on reaping a reward.


A raffle will increase the number of people coming to the store and the number of purchases that take place. Keeping customers happy and loyal is an extremely delicate balance. You don’t want customers to take advantage of your store, but you want them to also feel like the store is willing to take care of them.


Customers will come back to a store where they feel like they are being taken care of. A good return policy, happy customer service, and individuals willing to help are key aspects to a business with a loyal customer basis. A positive and loyal attitude from your employees will help customers believe that your store is better than competitors they could potentially shop at. There is nothing worse than a negative experience at a store due to a negative employee. Taking care of those employees and making sure that they are being taken care of is important in making customers feel like they are valued. This also benefits your store name because people like to shop at stores that are taking care of their employees and giving back to the community. When employees feel valued they will typically be more invested in the stores success.


Making customers happy is extremely crucial and giving them a positive experience whenever they visit is crucial. You can do this by decorating your business for the different holidays or season, playing pleasant music, and participating in holiday cheer.


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Contributed by Stephanie Washburn