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A Raffle Is a Surefire Way To Raise Money by Carrie Spiaser

A Raffle Is a Surefire Way To Raise Money by Carrie Spiaser


Being a non-profit organization can be hard when it comes to getting funding. They can’t just produce and sell a product to get the funds they needs to accomplish their goals. They have to rely on effective fundraising such as cookie dough sales and discount cards for local businesses. If the group has enough cash to kick-start a large gathering then with enough planning and effort a raffle is an effective way to bring in the funds they need.

The thing that makes the money in a raffle is the ticket. No tickets sales means all the time and money spent preparing was wasted. The first thing to do to maximize tickets sales is to leave enough time to cover all the bases with selling. Some people are willing to buy tickets but don not have the money for them at that moment. If they are being offered with at least a month to spare people will have the time to get the money to buy. Also the group needs to be willing to exhaust every possible opportunity. That means each and every member reaches out to family, friends, and coworkers. If sales are not as high as the group would like then some of them should get together on a Saturday and do some door to door sales.

To make sure the tickets sell the prizes need to be something people will want. Obviously they need to be loosely related to the group, but they also need to have a draw that will make people buy as many tickets as possible to increase their chances of winning. And to avoid having squabbles there needs to be a variety in the prizes so everyone does not fixate on one prize.

Raffle tickets can’t be sold if there is no one to sell them. The main issue for any group doing fundraising is not people refusing to buy whatever they’re selling for the fundraiser, it is people not selling to their full potential. Some people do not want to do their part for helping the group achieve the goal. In most cases these people do not stick out too much because they are balanced out by the overachievers who go above the base goal set for each member. In most cases like this the group earns quite a bit, but they could have gotten more if everyone tried to get at least what they were told to contribute.  As dumb as it sounds there needs to be some incentive for every member to sell what they are expected to. Whether that be small prizes for the overachievers, or some kind of punishment for the underachievers.

If a group has enough to have a large gathering for a fundraiser then a raffle is a surefire way to raise money. In order to maximize profits tickets need to start being sold way ahead of time to leave wiggle room for people who might need time to get the money together before buying the tickets. The prizes need to be good enough to draw attention, but varied enough to keep people from fighting over one. And something needs to be done to ensure that all members meet at least the bar minimum of what is expected form them.

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December 28, 2015