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A Raffle Gets Personal by Eric Dugar

A Raffle Gets Personal by Eric Dugar


My name is Eric Dugar. I am a freshman in college this semester, and I am here to tell you about my personal raffle experience.

When I was in the eighth grade, a select few were chosen to participate in a weeklong educational fieldtrip to Washington DC. I was overwhelmed with excitement, but concerned about the financial burden it would be on my parents, me being one of four children they were raising.

I will never forget the day my elderly grandmother walked into our house carrying a beautifully hand stitched quilt and gently placed it in my arms. She said,”Eric, you are a good boy and you deserve to go on this trip. I finished this quilt so you could raffle it off to help with the cost.” I was speechless. Even at a young age I appreciated the many hours she spent on this magnificent quilt. I remember giving her a big hug and thanking her over and over.

My parents and I set about the task of making raffle tickets priced at a $1.00 each. We even put a picture of the quilt on the tickets. My parents sold them at their jobs; I sold them to teachers and neighbors, even my siblings helped.  We raised over $300 dollars toward my trip. It seemed that everyone wanted that quilt!

I had participated in numerous fundraisers throughout my youth, but I was never so eager of selling raffle tickets and so proud to be Juanita Dugar’s grandson.

Thanks, Grandma.


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Contributed by Eric Dugar