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A Raffle Gains New Business Customers by Krstal Kelly

A Raffle Gains New Business Customers by Krstal Kelly


Creating loyal customers can be one of the easiest and hardest parts of any business. There are so many aspects that contribute to whether a customer stays loyal to your company. Price is not the only factor when it comes to loyalty. Price is a major factor for a lot of people; therefore, you want to be competitive with pricing, but it doesn't always have to be the best. Customer service is one of the most important aspects for creating loyal customers.


According to the customer Service paradox, if a customer has an issue and you fix their problem, then you can end up creating a customer that is more loyal than a customer who had never experienced an issue with the company. This is an interesting paradox, because it shows that customers want to feel appreciated and cared for. They want to feel that the company will fix a problem if and when one arises.


Many companies underestimate the power of marketing. Marketing comes in many different fashions. This can include ads on television, ads on the radio, flyers handed out in a parking lot, and the options are endless.


I work for a small company called MyWireless. We are one of nine national retailers for AT&T. Recently I was working at their new location in the Downtown Summerlin Mall in Las Vegas. The store had only been opened a few months and after the major holiday rush, was not doing so well. We have been invited to attend a community out reach events at one of the large senior communities in our area. This was an amazing opportunity to market ourselves and gain new customers. I brought raffle tickets and we ended up collecting over one hundred new contacts in that three-hour period.


We raffled off about 10 prizes. These prizes ranged from the cases, to headsets, to charging cords. The customer were able to choose what they needed based upon what phone they had. I also called all the other customers and told them they had won 10% off anything in the store. This increased our traffic and helped gain new customers. I was very happy with the results of our raffle. I don't think anyone understood how important a raffle was and what a tiny gesture meant to the customers. I wish I would have known about A – Z Discount Printing, so I would have been able to make custom raffle tickets.

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Contributed by Krystal Kelly

December 28, 2015