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A Raffle Fundraising Primer by Adriana Vargas

A Raffle Fundraising Primer by Adriana Vargas


A non-profit organization can best derive from their fundraising effort by holding a raffle fundraiser because it spikes interest and intrigues the selected audience.

The nonprofit organization could maximize sales by advertising the event well in advance so that the community is aware and can make time in their schedule for the specific activity. The advertising could also be spread in the most popular form, social media. This will allow the targeted audience to spread the news themselves and interact with others about the event and the holders of the event. Another effective advertising method would be by word of mouth because it is the most sincere approach. It shows those willing to donate that the non-profit organization sincerely cares about their support and not just their money they are giving to the organization.

Specifics about what would be given as prizes would depend on the organization but universal prizes that are captivating to audiences usually include food certificates, movie theater packages, theme park admissions and food items. All of those items hold a good amount of value that the audience could potentially receive for a very low price. This appeals to the audience because they know that their profit could be increased exponentially.

These prices also appeal in a credible sense if the prizes are sourced from major companies the audience feels that the fundraiser is trustworthy and worth investing in. It also draws the audience in to invest because the prizes are fun and interesting to all age groups and all interests. Other prizes that could maximize the involvement could be prizes that reflect labor such as a complimentary car wash or lawn treatment. This raises interest because it allows the audience to save time and self-labor for the buyer of the raffle ticket. As long as the prize appeals to the audience in an emotional or credible sense then the audience feels better faith in investing.

The volunteers can raise awareness and hype to the fundraiser by expressing well-rounded customer service. This meaning they need to be polite, enthusiastic about the event, and knowledgeable about the fundraisers origin and such. This will showcase to the audience that the event is legitimate and will provide them with confidence about their investment.

Along with that the volunteer’s attitude will most likely influence that of the attendees, so if the volunteers are bubbling with enthusiasm then the audience will portray the same attitude and be more likely to participate and buy more tickets. The other thing that the volunteers could do would be to set up interactive activities that the attendees could participate in so that they feel more involved and better connected with the organization. Along with that they could incorporate more information about the organization so the audience has a better understanding of what they are investing in and potentially can allow them to spread the information to their friends or family or neutral acquaintances.

Overall with active participation and involvement of the organization as well as the potential audience the raffle ticket fundraiser could be very successful.

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Contributed by Adriana Vargas

October 22, 2015