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A Raffle Fundraising Experience by Dakota Koepp

A Raffle Fundraising Experience by Dakota Koepp


For over three years, I have been a dedicated member of the Pewaukee Chapter of  Walleyes For Tomorrow (WFT), a non-profit organization located in Wisconsin. Every year we hold at least two raffle based fundraisers. These fundraisers are necessary for us to be able to raise enough money for the organization to carry out its activities. Walleyes for Tomorrow is dedicated towards catching, spawning, and raising baby walleye, North America’s most sought after game fish. The fry are then stocked in Wisconsin’s lakes to help create a flourishing population of Walleye’s which will in return, will help local economies.


Furthemore, for all of this to happen, WFT must put on several fundraisers to raise enough money to carry out their processes. During our most recent fundraiser, we had several “Big” prizes, including a 60” Samsung Smart TV, a propane power auger, and a “booze wagon” ($2000 value!), which were on tickets in which you could purchase in advance or on site. The tickets registered you for the event and put you into the big drawings. These prizes were intended to attract people and bring them to the event. We then have an array of other “bucket raffles” where people can purchase tickets in various quantities for various values. We determine the values of the tickets by what we feel people are most likely to buy. For example: Most people would rather pay $20 for 5 tickets than $5 for one individual ticket. Alongside these raffles, we have a meat raffle going on where volunteers go around and sell tickets. To give volunteers an incentive to sell tickets, we have a mini drawing for the volunteers. For every 20 tickets an individual volunteer sells, they get to enter another raffle ticket into a bucket to win a certain prize. It is in this way that we can maximize the number of ticket sales and raise the most money possible.


Additionally, during that fundraiser, we raised over $15,500. After breaking it all down, we concluded that around $4,500 came from the large tickets for the big drawing, $3,000 from meat raffles, $5,500 from the bucket raffles, and $2,500 from other big raffles. This means that around $11,000 of the money we raised came from the sales of raffle tickets. The selling of raffle tickets is very necessary for our club to be able to put on these events and raise money.  Without raffle tickets, we to this day might still be scratching our heads on a effective way to raise money for the organization.

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Contributed by Dakota Koepp